I’m a fashion fan – here’s the best that Penneys has to offer from vintage sweaters to skincare tools
I’m a fashion fan – here’s the best that Penneys has to offer from vintage sweaters to skincare tools

I’m a fashion fan – here’s the best that Penneys has to offer from vintage sweaters to skincare tools

A FASHION fan revealed the best things that Penneys has to offer – it is very pink.

Fashion TikToker Maria, who can be found on the social media platform at @maria_makeup_x, uploaded a video revealing the best bits that Penneys have in their stores.

Maria showcased that best that Penneys currently has on offer


Maria showcased that best that Penneys currently has on offer
Maria went shopping in Penneys with her pal Melissa


Maria went shopping in Penneys with her pal Melissa

Maria started the video by saying: “Come to Penneys with us and check out our favorite bits at the moment.”

She subtly gave us a warning saying that we’re going to see a lot of pink in her video.

She said: “You’re gonna see a lot of pink in this video, you could tell that we are pink girls.”

Within the first ten seconds, the girls show off two beautiful pink jackets – one in full leather jacket and one in patterns cropped jacket – and a pink baseball cap.

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Next, they moved on to Disney vintage sweatshirts, before moving onto skincare products.

She said: “Super vintage vibes off the Disney sweaters and I’m loving all of these skincare tools at the moment here.”

Maria revealed her fake nails in the clip and said she had picked them up from Penneys a while ago.

They then moved on to the men sections and discussed the famous tracksuits, which recently went viral on TikTok.

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She mentioned that at the men section they offer a variety of colours. As shown in the video, there are pink, green, purple, orange and white.

After the men section, they moved on to the home section where they saw a cute pink pot and looked at unique mirrors with wavy rainbow colours on it.

Lastly, before they leave the store, they were in the lingerie section looking at a pink bra, before moving onto an adorable light blue purse, which she described as “super cute.”

Before she ended the video, she said that “you can’t leave Penneys until you got something”.


Meanwhile, Penneys fans are going wild over the new Hello Kitty range that recently dropped in stores.

The popular character features on new loungewear sets, starting from the price of €12.

The Hello Kitty Co-ord Hoodie costs €18 and is set to be a big hit with Penneys fans.

The matching joggers are priced at €16.

Penneys announced the new Hello Kitty range on Instagram.

They said: “Say hello to our cute new loungewear” with a love heart emoji.

A lot of Penneys fans commented under the announcement post.

One commented: “Cuteness overload.”

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Another commented: “These are fab.”

Third commented: “This is more like it.”

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The viral TikTok Penneys Tracksuits


The viral TikTok Penneys Tracksuits

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