Love Island’s Chloe Burrows reveals her REAL hair after ditching extensions
Love Island’s Chloe Burrows reveals her REAL hair after ditching extensions

Love Island’s Chloe Burrows reveals her REAL hair after ditching extensions

LOVE Island star Chloe Burrows has revealed her REAL hair after briefly ditching her long blonde hair extensions.

The former ITV2 dating show contestant – who rose to fame last summer – took to her Instagram stories to show off her locks.

The Love Island star revealed her natural hair


The Love Island star revealed her natural hairCredit: INSTAGRAM
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Chloe then had fresh extensions fitted at the hair appointmentCredit: INSTAGRAM

Love Island runner-up Chloe, 26, revealed her natural look as she took out her long extensions to have them replaced with new ones.

She took to her Instagram stories to show herself sitting in a salon chair as she had the long blonde hairpieces removed.

“All my natural hair slowly growing back,” Chloe added, as she revealed her MUCH shorter, natural blonde hair down to her shoulders.

She brushed her fingers through her locks as she posed for a selfie video – before revealing the results of her new extensions.

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It comes after former Love Island contestant Chloe claimed that producers kept her boyfriend Toby Aromolaran away from her.

Chloe and Toby, 23, finished in second place on Love Island last year after a tumultuous relationship in the Spanish villa.

However, the star opened up this week about the infamous recoupling night that saw the boys return from Casa Amor.

The episode saw Chloe cracking on with bombshell Dale Mehmet after discovering Toby had spent time with Mary Bedford.

When the semi-professional footballer returned to the villa, he saw his love interest cracking on – and words broke out between the pair.

Now, Chloe has claimed that she and Toby had chats away from the screens that producers never aired – and instead kept them apart.

“There’s so much you didn’t see,” she told fans on Elle Brooke’s Saving Grace podcast. “Like me and Toby got back together that night.

“He came back from [Casa Amor] and apparently, like, obviously he saw Abi wasn’t with someone. He saw me sat with Dale.


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“He was like, ‘Oh my god, she’s moved on’. So we kind of dispersed from the fire pit and then all hell was breaking loose.”

While drama was going on elsewhere, Toby is said to have walked up to Chloe and said: “What? You’re not going to say hello?”

“We went for a chat,” Chloe continued. “He was like, ‘So you’re with Dale?’ and I was like, ‘You’re with f**king Mary?'”

“We both looked at each other and though, ‘Oh, s**t, here we go again’. Obviously you guys [at home] didn’t see.

“There was so much drama that night, the producers hadn’t even clocked that Toby and I had had this conversation.”

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After discovering what had been talked about, producers stepped in and told her: “Shall we not talk about that any more?”

“I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this, but every time Toby came near me he’s get pulled to the beach hut,” she added.

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