Why Kate Middleton Isn’t Wearing Her Wedding and Engagement Rings in Photo

After this story was published, multiple photo agencies recalled the above image citing an “editorial issue” and “post-publication review” as reasons. The Associated Press issued the most detailed description, saying that “at closer inspection, it appears that the source has manipulated the image. No replacement will be sent.”

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Kate Middleton later issued a personal apology for editing the Mother’s Day photograph. “Like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally experiment with editing. I wanted to express my apologies for any confusion the family photograph we shared yesterday caused. I hope everyone celebrating had a very happy Mother’s Day,” the message read. It was signed “C” for Catherine, indicating that it was a personal message from the Princess.

In honor of Mother’s Day in the UK, Kensington Palace shared kate-middleton-first-official-photo-surgery-recovery-prince-george-louis-princess-charlotte/” data-ylk=”slk:a new photo of Kate Middleton;elm:context_link;itc:0;sec:content-canvas” class=”link rapid-noclick-resp”a new photo of Kate Middleton, the first official image of the Princess of Wales released since her abdominal surgery in January.

The picture, which was taken by Prince William earlier this month, shows Kate surrounded by her three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. It was accompanied by a brief note thanking the public for their support as she recovers.

“Thank you for your kind wishes and continued support over the last two months. Wishing everyone a Happy Mother’s Day,” wrote the Princess. She signed the note with her initial, “C”.

In keeping with Kensington Palace’s original stance that they will not be providing health updates unless something significant changes, the message did not offer any additional details on Kate’s recovery or when she may make her next public appearance. Previously the Palace said, “Based on the current medical advice, she is unlikely to return to public duties until after Easter.”

Kate appears

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Kate Middleton’s Surprising Secret Behind Her Iconic Engagement Ring Proves She Was Meant to Be Princess of Wales

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From her fashion choices to her mannerisms, everyone can see a little bit of Princess Diana in Kate Middleton. However, a new detail about Kate’s engagement ring from Diana’s estate shows that she was truly meant to be a royal icon.

On April 28, a fan uploaded now-viral video to Instagram by the name of “all.thats.pretty” talking about her conversation with Kate while she was visiting for the 60th anniversary of Central Beacons Mountain Rescue. The fan captioned the video, per DailyMail, saying, “Kate talking about Diana yesterday… & her engagement ring was exactly the same size.”

In the video, Kate says, “And it was exactly the same size. It is very special. What an honour to be able to wear it.”

She also made a rare comment about the late Diana, saying, “I never met her, sadly,” and that she would’ve been a “brilliant grandmother.” When asked if the family misses Diana, Kate quickly said, “So much. The family miss her every day.”

So not only did Kate make an incredibly rare comment on Diana, but she just dropped a huge secret about the iconic ring! For those that don’t know, this ring is one of the most well-known pieces of British royal jewelry ever. While most engagement rings in the family are custom-made, William gave Kate the ring his mother wore. (How sweet!)

Fun fact: Diana’s ring originally belonged to Prince Harry, but he reportedly gave it to William when he told him he was going to propose to Kate. Diana’s butler Paul Burrell said in The Diana Story, “Harry said to [William]: ‘Wouldn’t it be fitting if she had mummy’s ring? Then one day, that

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Kate Middleton Shared a Surprising Detail About Princess Diana’s Engagement Ring

And made several other rare comments about her late mother-in-law.


Kate Middleton‘s trip to Wales this week was an eventful one. Not only did she let a tiny baby hold her handbag like it was no big deal while she continued on chatting with the crowd, but she also pulled another rare move and spoke about her late mother-in-law Princess Diana during an emotional chat with a royal fan. 

In a now-deleted video posted to Instagram (per Today), a well-wisher pointed to Kate’s sapphire engagement ring, which previously belonged to Diana. Revealing that she and Diana share the same ring size, Kate told the fan, “It’s the same ring and it’s exactly the same size as when I tried it on. It’s very special. What an honor to be able to wear it.”


She continued, “I never, sadly, got to meet her,” adding that Diana would be a “brilliant” grandmother to her and Prince William’s three children — Prince George, 9, Princess Charlotte, 7, and 5-year-old Prince Louis. “We miss her every day.”

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Diana’s 12-carat oval sapphire ring, which is set in 18 carats of white gold and surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds, was gifted to Kate by William during his proposal in 2010. However, the ring actually first belonged to Harry after he inherited it from his mother’s estate, but he decided to give it to his older brother when Will decided he was going to propose to Kate.  

William spoke about the importance of the ring during the couple’s engagement interview. “It’s my mother’s

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Why Princess Catherine is often spotted without her engagement ring

 Kate Middleton's engagement ring

Kate Middleton’s engagement ring

Eagle-eyed royal fans have often noticed Princess Catherine stepping out without her precious engagement ring on her finger, but there’s a very practical reason she and many other royals do this.

Kate Middleton’s stunning 12-carat sapphire and diamond engagement ring may be the most famous piece of royal jewelry worn by a member of the family for the past century. The ring was given to Kate by her now-husband Prince William when he proposed back in 2010, but the piece had an incredibly meaningful history before this event.

The engagement ring was originally given to William’s mother, Princess Diana, by his father, King Charles III, when he proposed and upon her death, it passed down to Prince Harry before he gifted it to William. The style now goes by the name ‘Princess Diana’ in an ode to the late Princess of Wales.

With all that family history, as well as the ring symbolizing William and Kate’s eternal bond, it’s a sure fact that the ring is an important piece of jewelry for Kate. But while she regularly steps out in the piece, she will often be spotted without it during royal outings. Royal fans have been quick to point this out in the past, sometimes working themselves into a frenzy of worry over what it could possibly mean But now, ring experts have clarified that the habit is a very practical one and is a great one for others to copy.

Kate Middleton's engagement ring

Kate Middleton’s engagement ring

There is a clear pattern dictating when Kate will and will not wear her engagement ring. In January of 2023, when Kate visited the Royal Liverpool University Hospital to talk about the mental health resources on offer there, people quickly noticed that her ring finger was free of the bright sapphire

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Kate Middleton spotted without her engagement ring at Commonwealth Games

Kate Middleton was spotted without her iconic engagement ring on Tuesday, as she and Prince William took daughter Charlotte to the Commonwealth Games.

Fans noticed the odd detail in photos from the games in Birmingham, where the duchess wowed in an all-white Alexander McQueen outfit.

“Is she wearing her ring? I can’t see it in any of the photos, just a plain band,” one tweeted.

Another chimed in: “Anyone know why Catherine isn’t wearing her engagement ring? I can see I believe her wedding band.”

Some social media users speculated that the duchess was sending a message about her and William’s marriage by removing her engagement ring, but those claims were quickly debunked.

“Let me ask you a question: Do you have a 3 carat engagement ring with a similar setting to Catherine’s?” one Twitter user wrote.

“If you did you would not be asking such silly questions. The sheer weight alone means they are not for everyday wear. Then the upkeep for loose stones and claw tightening.”

Royal critics looking for a hidden message in Kate’s decision to go without her engagement ring may be disappointed to learn this isn’t the first time she’s done it.

WATCH: Kate Middleton and Prince William talk about Princess Diana in their engagement interview

In fact, the Duchess of Cambridge has been photographed without the sapphire multiple times throughout her 11-year marriage to William.

She was spotted without it during a January 2020 visit to a London Children’s Hospital, then again in a photo shared on her and William’s royal Instagram in March that year.

Back in 2018, Kate also ditched her ring for several outings during her pregnancy with Prince Louis, the fan theory being that she was unable to wear it due to swelling.

While it’s unlikely the duchess is pregnant

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Kate Middleton Didn’t Wear Her Engagement Ring and the Internet Is Freaking Out

When your engagement ring happens to be one of ring-history” data-ylk=”slk:most iconic rings ever made” class=”link “most iconic rings ever made, it’s no wonder the world keeps a close eye on it at all times.

That’s exactly why the internet was aflutter this week after Kate Middleton stepped out at the Commonwealth Games with hubby Prince William and Princess Charlotte, too. Sure, she was dressed to the nines in a white Alexander McQueen suit, but her ring finger was noticeably less blingy, adorned with only her gold wedding band vs. the sapphire and diamond sparkler that once belonged to Princess Diana and was passed down to her upon her engagement to William in 2010.

So, where was the ring? My co-host Roberta Fiorito and I discuss a zillion reasons for its absence on this week’s episode of the Royally Obsessed podcast (listen to it here!). No, it has nothing to do with marital troubles. Our main take: It was likely getting cleaned or had a stone in need of repair. But also, Kate has only been pictured without it a handful of times (for example, on this engagement-ring-during-todays-hospital-visit/” data-ylk=”slk:hospital visit in 2020″ class=”link “hospital visit in 2020 and again in 2018), which is why it always makes headlines when she’s pictured without it on.

On the flip side, Kate’s engagement ring was the subject of recent conversations for a very different reason: The risk she took while kate-middleton-engagement-ring-scuba-diving” data-ylk=”slk:wearing it scuba diving in Belize during her royal tour of the Caribbean” class=”link “wearing it scuba diving in Belize during her royal tour of the Caribbean with Prince William. (For the record, the value of the ring is currently set at approximately half a million dollars.)

Shout-out to the royal

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