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yellow gold

Leap Year 2024: Men’s luxury engagement rings that perfect for popping the question to him

Are you patiently waiting for your other half to get down on one knee and adorn a sparkling rock on your left hand? You’re not alone. 

Luckily for those of us who are sick of counting down the days, this year is a leap year, which in a traditional sense means it’s our year to catch him off guard, get down on one knee and pop the question for ourselves. After all, everyone knows that if you want a job done right, you have to do it yourself and if Rita Ora can propose to Taika Waititi then you can propose to your beau.

Rita Ora proposed to her now husband Taika Waititi last year© Instagram / @ritaora
Rita Ora proposed to her now husband Taika Waititi last year

While the notion that it is the man’s role to propose is outdated, many still choose to follow that tradition, except on ‘Bachelors Day’. Bachelor Day is an Irish tradition where women propose to men in their lives on Leap Day, February 29th. The tradition dates back to the early 1800s and to this day continues to be celebrated every four years. 

“A friend proposed to her husband mid-way through a hike up a volcano with a piece of volcanic rock.” 

So, how does one propose to their man this leap year? Whether you’re wanting a quiet and private affair or something more opulent and lavish, it’s essential that however you pop the question, you do it in a way that’s personal and special to both of you as a couple. “I love that so many more women are choosing to defy tradition and propose to their partners and I have heard so many charming engagement stories over the last few years” explains Rosie Lillis, Director of Rosie Lillis Communications and certified jewellery expert, “A particular favourite is a friend

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Not So Mellow Yellow Engagement Rings

It’s the time of year for anyone planning to pop the question on Valentine’s day or scheduling a June wedding to find a ring. Most couples today choose together which makes it a lot easier to find “the one’ that represents everything they desire and will speak to the individual aspect of their relationship. Although platinum is on its way to making a comeback in all categories of jewelry , yellow gold has been the metal of choice for all styles of engagement rings for several years , and even as the price for gold continues to soar, it continues to be the popular metal among of a variety of demographics.

Here, a variety of styles from nostaligic and romantic to clean lined and ultra modern:

Berlinger Emerald Shape Calibre Diamond Mosaic Ring with handcut diamonds in 18K gold

Eva Fehren 18K gold portrait cut diamond ring with diamond meleet Undercover ring.

Retrouvaí one-of-a-kind Cushion Brilliant Diamond Heirloom Bezel Ring

18k yellow gold with diamond

White Space toi et moi ring with emerald cut and pear shaped diamonds.

Rachael Boston 18K yellow gold an champagne diamond ring

KATKIM 18K gold pear-shaped diamond Diamond Infinity Pave Ring

K8 Jewelry Vive Canadian diamond Bridal Set in 18K yellow gold

Jillian Abboud 18K yellow gold ring with antique cushion cut diamond centerstone and antique cognac diamond side stone.s

Estate Diamond Jewelry crown-style solitaire engagement ring that centers an antique old European cut diamond The 18K yellow gold mounting is decorated with hand-engravings and adorned with diamonds along the shoulders and under-gallery.

Grace Lee 18K gold baguette and pear-shaped diamond Helix Ring

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The 5 biggest engagement ring trends for 2024, according to jewelers

  • Business Insider spoke to jewelers about the biggest engagement ring trends for 2024.

  • The average spend on an engagement ring in the US was $5,500 in 2020.

  • Jewelers told BI that Gen Z are steering away from surprise engagement rings.

While fashion trends come and go, engagement rings are not a style investment to take lightly — the average engagement ring in the US was $5,500 in 2020, according to Statista.

Business Insider spoke to three jewelers based in London, UK, about the engagement ring trends they think will be popular in 2024.

Of the three jewelers BI spoke to, two said Gen Z couples are more likely to choose a ring together than previous generations, because they want the ring to reflect their personality.

Yellow gold is the winning metal color for engagement rings

Someone with red nails holding an emerald cut engagement ring

Yellow gold will be the favored metal color of 2024, jewelers say.Getty Images

Bear Brooksbank is the owner of a jewelry studio in London. Since setting up shop in 2012, she said engagement ring styles have evolved considerably.

She told BI that trends now point toward yellow gold being the favored metal used in rings, moving away from the classic trend of platinum.

Multiple celebrities have worn yellow gold engagement rings this year, such as Vanessa Hudgens, Alex Cooper, and Barbara Palvin, according to jewelry publication Only Natural Diamonds.

Engagement rings with multiple stones will continue to be popular in 2024

An engagement ring with two stones.

Engagement rings with multiple stones will be popular in 2024.Getty Images

BI previously reported on the biggest engagement ring trend of 2023 being rings with multiple stones, like the “toi et moi” style of two stones placed side-by-side — and it’s set to continue through 2024.

Emma Franklin, a jewelry designer, told BI her clients are now less

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Victoria Beckham has a whopping 15 engagement rings in her collection

Victoria Beckham reportedly has a collection of 15 engagement rings, according to Elle.

Over the course of their 24 years of marriage, her husband – retired football star David Beckham – has gifted her with 15 different engagement rings. Each has a different design and flair, beginning with the simplicity of the very first one, which David reportedly used to propose.

The former Spice Girl has a plethora of different diamonds to choose from, and cycles through them regularly, donning whichever one suits either her outfit or her mood.

In 1998, David proposed to Victoria with a three-carat marquise-cut diamond set on a plain yellow gold band, which at the time was reportedly valued at around $85,000. After their wedding, Victoria transitioned to a platinum-set eternity band, the design featuring a beveled edge as well as white diamonds. She wore it for 18 months and it was the only single band ring she ended up wearing.

Victoria switched things up in 2003 – around the time she and David renewed their vows – and upgraded to a platinum-set, emerald-cut diamond with side baguettes.

To ring in her 30th birthday, David pulled out all the stops and reportedly gifted Victoria a halo-set, pink champagne diamond ring that at the time was valued to be worth $1.1m. The following year, David gave Victoria what is arguably the biggest ring in her collection – a pear-cut 17-carat diamond set on a diamond pave band – and is one of the rings she still keeps in her rotation, as she is regularly photographed with it.

Her next ring was her second foray into colourful diamonds. This time around in 2006, it was an emerald-cut yellow diamond set in a yellow-gold pave band that served to enhance the diamond’s colour. The ring

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10 fabulous engagement rings you can get from James Allen

Shop for your loved one's engagement ring at James Allen this summer.

Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through the links below may earn us and our publishing partners a commission.

Wedding season, or the months where nicer weather offers ample opportunities for outdoor gatherings in a wider array of areas of the U.S., is officially upon us. While winter is typically considered primetime for proposals, wedding season brings its own deluge of engagements, especially in the summer. 

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If getting engaged is on your horizon, James Allen has ample engagement and wedding ring options. The website will walk you through the customization process, allowing you to select your stone, setting, materials, cut and color. The prices below reflect the price of the settings, so if you’re looking for a specific diamond weight or cut it’s likely that you’ll end up paying much more than the listed price, but you’ll get a sense of the range when you select the materials you prefer.

If you’re on the hunt for a little inspiration, you can check out our top picks for James Allen engagement rings below.

1. Petite Pavé Cathedral Engagement Ring

Best James Allen engagement rings: Petite Pavé Cathedral Ring

With tiny diamonds spanning the classic, slim band and a pronged setting for the stone of your choice, the Petite Pavé Cathedral engagement ring is a perfect delicate accent piece that will set off the diamond you choose without overwhelming it.

$1,270 at James Allen

2. Three Stone Diamond Infinity Engagement Ring

Best James Allen engagement rings: Three Stone Diamond Infinity Engagement Ring

A bit more intricate than our first pick, but still classic in its shape, the Three Stone Infinity ring comes in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum and includes not one but three brilliant diamonds in its design. You’ll select a center stone in

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Spring/Summer 2023 Engagement Ring Trends

It’s wedding season, and while you are attending bridal showers, ceremonies and celebrations of the big day of your friends and relatives, you might look down at their engagement rings and think about the style and cut of ring you would want to wear if a proposal is in the air for you or if you are just thinking about your dream ring. This is a time for wedding jewelry in which anything goes; there are no rules—it’s all about what will put a smile on your face every day when you look down at your hand and into the eyes of your loved one. But there are certain trends floating around–none are conventional—they range from bold and chunky to antique inspire to some of the most beautiful colored stones that you might not expect to fall head over heels but you do!

Here are some trends and rings that will capture your heart and make you swoon. You might even want to pop the question yourself after seeing them.

Oval cuts offer a larger look than rounds, look good in various settings, and elongate the finger when set vertically.

Tacori 18K gold oval solitaire engagement ring.

Single Stone 1.39-carat moval cut diamond with old European cut accent diamonds prong set in a handcrafted 18K yellow gold mounting.

Natasha Schweitzer 18K yellow gold Oval Diamond Wrap Ring .

Bezel set rings offer an ultra-modern vibe but are lasting as they are the type of rings that protect your stone and create a clean-streamlined elegance.

Jemma Wynne 18K yellow gold and pear-cut diamond bespoke Yasmin ring.

Single Stone Aria ring featuring a 1.74 certified antique cushion cut diamond bezel set in a handcrafted 18K yellow gold mounting.

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The 13 Best Engagement Rings Are Sure to Elicit a “Yes”

the 12 best engagement rings for couples in 2023

13 Best Engagement Rings Sure to Elicit a “Yes”Hearst Owned

“Hearst Magazines and Yahoo may earn commission or revenue on some items through these links.”

One of the most important things you’ll ever buy is an engagement ring. It’s a piece of jewelry that’ll change the trajectory of your life, welcome in a new chapter, and symbolize the start of forever. So obviously, you should choose your engagement ring wisely.

Here’s the thing about engagement rings—they’re far more crucial than wedding rings. Wedding rings can be swapped for newer or different styles in 10, 20, 50 years; you’ll still be married! But you won’t still be engaged (I hope). This is a one and done ring—no do-overs for the piece of jewelry on your partner’s finger that’ll prompt countless “So how did you pop the question?” prompts. The engagement ring you wear and the engagement ring your partner wears should be perfect—each to your own style, a story of your unique love, a memory you’ll always cherish.

That being said, the world of engagement rings is a scary place. There are a lot of options to consider—what metal do you want for the band? And how thick should it be? Do you want diamonds or gemstones? Does your partner? How many carats? What shape? Should it be a halo ring, or a cathedral one? Ugh. Eternal love is beautiful, but to get to eternity, you have to answer a lot of these questions. It’ll all work out in the end, though—you, your partner, the perfect rings for you both. To get you started, there’s an assortment of the best engagement rings on the market—of all shapes, sizes, and styles—below. Peruse for inspo, or pull the trigger before you pop the question.

Stack Ring in 18K Yellow Gold

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The best modern engagement rings

Ideally you’ll have just one shot at this — either picking out an engagement ring for your beloved or, best-case scenario, having the lovely task of choosing one for yourself. But you don’t have to go for a single brilliant-cut solitaire diamond in a traditional claw setting. The four Cs — cut, carat, colour and clarity — are important, but so is choosing something that fits with your personal aesthetic. And the exciting news is that there is a cohort of young designers (as well as some more familiar brands) creating rings that are original, colourful, design-led and different.

PS, no emeralds, you will notice. I don’t care if you never lift a finger in your daily life, they’re much too fragile to be worn every day. And anyway, a pair of emerald earrings are a good wish-list inclusion for when you hit a significant anniversary.

Diamond capsule ring in yellow and white gold and diamonds, POA,

Hexagonal ring in yellow gold with blue sapphire and yellow diamonds, £29,500,

Antique art deco diamond plaque ring in platinum with rubies, £25,850, diamond-plaque-ring_0258076-p” class=”link__RespLink-sc-1ocvixa-0 csWvlP”

Curved ring in gold, sapphire and diamonds, £31,000,

Diamond bombe ring in yellow gold and diamonds, POA,

Entwined rainbow ring in yellow gold, diamonds, sapphires, rubies and tsavorites, £17,595,

Aegis ring in yellow gold and diamond, £9,895, ring-with-kite-shaped-diamond” class=”link__RespLink-sc-1ocvixa-0 csWvlP”

Sari Lucknow pavé ring set in yellow gold, lacquer enamel, old mine diamond and white and cognac diamonds, £16,500,

The Euphoria (square) gold in yellow gold and diamond, £21,600,

Bee My Love ring in white gold and diamonds, POA,

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How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring for Your Partner

A guide to buying the right piece for your soon-to-be-fiancé.

<p>Photo by&nbsp;<a href=&quot;;>Alicia Mink Photography</a></p>

Picking out the perfect engagement ring for your partner can be an overwhelming task. Even if your significant other basically spells out exactly what they want, it can still be nerve-wracking to settle on one ring they’ll want to wear forever. Between the stone, the metal, and the overall price point (among other factors), finding something that’s truly memorable comes with a lot of pressure.

To help ease a bit of your stress, however, we thought it might be helpful to put together a guide on how to make a few key decisions when engagement ring shopping. (Hint: It’s not about buying the biggest, most expensive engagement ring out there.) Ahead, with help of jewelry expert Lauren Addison, here’s everything you need to know when searching for a rock that your soon-to-be fiancé will absolutely love.

Lauren Addison is a jewelry expert with over 12 years of experience. She’s an alumnus of the Gemological Institute of America, where she earned a Graduate Gemologist Diploma, and the owner of Lauren Addison Jewelry.

Related:10 Tips for Engagement Ring Shopping

What to Consider When Choosing an Engagement Ring

There’s a lot to think about when looking for an engagement ring, but before you dive in, you should first be aware of a few basic details that come with this experience. “Before you jump right in, it is best to give some thought to your budget, the stone shape you prefer, and your ring’s overall design,” says Addison. “Having a basic idea of what you’re looking for will minimize stress and ensure a more seamless and enjoyable experience.” Simply put, you need to prepare a bit.

To start, the most important thing to decide on right away is the budget. Having

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Celebrity jeweler Neil Lane shares the engagement ring trends that will be popular this year

A side-by-side of engagement rings with arrows pointing at them.

Insider spoke to Neil Lane.PeopleImages/Rachel Lodin/Getty Images

  • Insider spoke to jewelry expert Neil Lane about upcoming engagement ring trends.

  • The designer told Insider mixed metals and nontraditional stones are gaining popularity.

  • Little details like hidden halos are also on the rise.

An engagement ring is worn for (ideally) the duration of someone’s life, so you might not associate them with trends.

However, engagement ring designs come in and out of style like any type of jewelry.

Insider checked in with Neil Lane — the jewelry designer who works with celebrities, “The Bachelor” franchise, and has a line at Kay — about what styles will be popular this coming year.

Stones may look different in 2023

Speaking to Insider, Lane said people should anticipate a shift in the types of stones couples are gravitating towards in 2023.

Recently, round, princess-cut, oval, and even toi-et-moi stones have been among the most popular engagement ring shapes. But Lane told Insider he’s seeing a shift in stones this year.

“Fancy shapes are really, really popular,” he said, pointing specifically to marquise and pear-shaped rings. “Things that weren’t in the general mass before are really trending.”

Pear engagement ring

Pear-shaped rings are becoming more popular.Rachel Lodin/Getty Images

Couples are also choosing to pair those statement stones with hidden halos, drifting away from standard halos, according to Lane. A traditional halo of diamonds frames a center stone, whereas a hidden halo circles the bottom of a stone.

Likewise, Lane told Insider more people are gravitating towards colorful stones for their engagement rings, whether that be a colorful diamond or an alternative stone like a sapphire or emerald.

“Diamonds used to be the center stone, and it still is, but there are so many opportunities to buy things with color today,” he said.

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