Chrissy Teigen shares her glowing post-baby skincare routine
Chrissy Teigen shares her glowing post-baby skincare routine

Chrissy Teigen shares her glowing post-baby skincare routine

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Chrissy Teigen looked flawless while makeup-free as she shared her beauty routine. Pic credit: ©

As Chrissy Teigen appears to be reveling in being a mom for the third time following the birth of her baby daughter Esti in January, the star has somehow managed to maintain her glow despite some undoubtedly sleepless nights.

The former Lip Sync Battle judge hopped onto her social media page, which she has kept a heavy presence on while juggling her career and three kids, and the star let fans in on her secrets to staying looking so youthful.

Sharing a lengthy video online, Chrissy started off looking fresh from a shower as she dried her face while wrapped in a plush white towel.

Next, the clip cut to show Chrissy dressed in a flowy robe, her wet locks up in a pink towel to keep strands from getting in her way during her skincare demonstration.

“Everyone* has been asking me about my skincare routine post baby! my skin is still finding its way so I keep it easy peasy with a few of my favorites that I use every single morning,” she captioned the post while adding an extra star at the end to follow up her “everyone” comment with, “no one at all.”

She then got her ritual started by holding up a bottle of iS Clinical serum, the brand made obvious by its distinctive swirling logo.

Chrissy did not specify which of the company’s serums she was using. She quickly held up the amber bottle and used the dropper to put the liquid into the palm of her hand before gently patting it on her face.

A quick look at the iS Clinical website shows that there are a variety of options for serums, with a Pro Heal Serum Advance + and a Super Serum Advance + both listed at $158 and being likely candidates for the serum Chrissy could be seen using.

Next, Chrissy held up a bottle from the Shani Darden line and once again performed a swift move so that the exact type of product was not visible.

Possible options from the Shani Darden site include a $38 Cleansing Serum, a $52 Sake Toning Essence, and an $88 Retinol Reform serum.

Chrissy moved on to the iS Clinical Reparative Moisture Emulsion, which retails for $105 and is purported to contain hyaluronic acid and growth factors to help aid skin’s suppleness.

After patting the moisturizer onto her face and neck, Chrissy held up a $10 spritz bottle of Loved 01 Toning Mist, which contains chamomile, lavender, and aloe vera along with sea buckthorn which is said to help reduce inflammation.

She lightly tapped the mist onto her decolletage and cheeks before fanning herself with her perfectly-manicured hands to speed up the drying process.

Chrissy finished off her video by running a defining brow brush over her eyebrows and rubbing a $24 Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask over her lips before coming in close for a puckered air kiss.

Along with sharing her secrets to staying looking so glowing and youthful and handling motherhood like a pro, Chrissy has also found time to share her culinary talents with her fans via a new website.

Chrissy Teigen launches her Cravings by Chrissy Teigen website

As shared by Monsters and Critics, Chrissy started up her Cravings by Chrissy Teigen website based on her love not only of food but also of luxurious kitchen products and home items.

Detailing in the About section where her idea for the site came from, Chrissy shared that food has always been a huge part of her life and she has always strived to share her ideas in a bigger way.

“I’ve always been full of ideas, but it wasn’t until I started Cravings that I was able to make them REAL,” she shared. “I love, love, love to problem-solve and create things (whether recipes or products) that make life easier, tastier, cozier, and a little more chill.”

The site details a wide range of recipes fans can look at for free, including scrumptious-looking Bananas Foster Cinnamon Rolls, and Passionfruit & Pineapple Parfaits with Coconut Granola.

Along with delicious food available for use, Chrissy also lists essential kitchen items for sale, with a stunning Lavender Skillet ringing up at $88 and a Lavender Braiser coming in at $98.

Since Chrissy often can be seen cooking up magic in the kitchen while clad in a robe, her website naturally offers a range of silky robes for sale, with most of them listed between $90-$102.

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