The 10 Biggest, Sparkliest Engagement Ring Trends of 2023
The 10 Biggest, Sparkliest Engagement Ring Trends of 2023

The 10 Biggest, Sparkliest Engagement Ring Trends of 2023

According to a literal diamond expert.

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An engagement ring represents a lifelong commitment — to your partner and to a piece of jewelry you’ll wear for the rest of your life together. While the world of engagement rings;elm:context_link;itc:0″ class=”link “>engagement rings doesn’t exactly follow the fast and furious pace of seasonal fashion trends, it does evolve. Having a sense of the trends that do arise can help you decide which ring might be right for you.

We consulted with Kristina Buckley, Managing Director of the Natural Diamond Council, the industry authority and resource on natural diamonds, to get a read on what’s trending in the world of engagement rings for 2023. The recurring theme that kept popping up? Uniqueness and rule-breaking. There’s not one dominant trend in engagement rings these days, because everyone seems to want a ring that’s unique, personal to them, and reflective of their individual style and values.

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That means a lot of the old rules are out the window. Three months salary as a standard budget? Nope, set whatever budget feels right to you. Grading diamonds on a traditional scale? Nah, imperfections can be part of the draw. “We always suggest looking ‘beyond the 4 Cs,’ says Buckley, referring to cut, color, clarity, and carats. “Once you fall in love with a stone, any inclusions or color grading it may have on paper doesn’t matter.” Wearing your ring on your left ring finger? Not necessary if you’d prefer somewhere else. You get the gist: Anything goes!

Below, learn about  a few of the trends Buckley says couples are embracing in 2023, from “moval” cuts to akimbo settings to salt and pepper diamonds.

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Ovals and “Movals”

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Serpentine Jewels

Serpentine yellow gold engagement ring

While ovals remain a popular diamond cut, their rare sister shape, the “moval” is gaining traction. It’s a cross between oval and marquise cuts, and Buckley confirms it’s a hot shape these days. “These stones look amazing set north-to-south, which is the classic setting, or set east-to-west for a more contemporary style,” says Buckley.

East-West Settings

Speaking of the east-west setting, it deserves its own trend callout. For a variety of stone shapes, brides-to-be are utilizing this cool girl setting to modernize the look of their ring. A point of note about this setting: Buckley notes that it offers optimal diamond-finger coverage, even for smaller diamonds.

Antique Cuts

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Rose cuts, old Europeans, and old mine cuts are among the antique cuts Buckley says are making a comeback in 2023. “These cuts were invented before electricity and usually have chunkier facets meant to sparkle in candlelight,” Buckley says “How romantic is that?!”

Akimbo Settings

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Akimbo engagement rings, meaning the diamond is set askew, are “huge right now,” according to Buckley. While she calls the setting “fabulous on its own,” she also notes that it gives an opportunity for that coveted diamond-finger coverage since other diamonds or stones can be nestled around the main diamond.

Salt and Pepper Diamonds

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Salt and pepper diamonds, which showcase visible inclusions, have a more rough diamond aesthetic, and show more warmth in color, are on the rise. Buckley attributes this trend to an increased value in individual expression, releasing people from the rigid idea that every diamond must be perfect, sparkly, and white. There’s beauty and uniqueness in supposed imperfections — in diamonds and life.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold has had a huge renaissance in recent years for everyday jewelry staples like herringbone chains, hoops, and paperclip chains. Buckley points out that many people want a ring that fits into their everyday life and works seamlessly with their existing style.

Mixed Metals

On the other hand, whatever metal you choose for your engagement ring doesn’t need to dictate your entire jewelry wardrobe. According to Buckley, some people are even choosing one metal for their engagement ring and another for their wedding band. “There are no more rules when it comes to bridal jewelry and we are here for it!” she says.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

“I think culturally we are moving away from having humongous, flashy stones,” says Buckley. If size matters to you and can afford it, go for that big ring. But if the vibe these days is quiet luxury, sizing down is a purposeful choice.

Colorful Side Stones

Another popular way to add flair and personality to a ring is using colored side stones, which can frame and enhance the beauty of a center diamond. Buckley suggests blue sapphires, emeralds, and even pearls and opals to mix and match with diamonds.

Women Taking Charge

Dropping hints via a public Pinterest board? Couldn’t be a 2023 fiancée. According to Buckley, women are not only purchasing diamonds for themselves in record numbers (love this for us!), but they’re actively participating in the selection and design process of their engagement rings. With more equitable partnerships and nontraditional relationship structures, women are deciding what they want and making it happen. “There aren’t many items we consume with the intent to wear it every day forever,” points out Buckley. “It’s the most exciting type of purchase and women want to be at the forefront of that process for themselves.”

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