Kaity Biggar Is Thrilled to Have Her Engagement Ring Back
Kaity Biggar Is Thrilled to Have Her Engagement Ring Back

Kaity Biggar Is Thrilled to Have Her Engagement Ring Back

Kaity Biggar Engagement Ring


Kaity Biggar has her engagement ring back.

A winner of “The Bachelor” is back to wearing her engagement ring, and fans are thrilled. Kaity Biggar got engaged to Zach Shallcross during the season 27 finale, which aired in March 2023. She received a stunning Neil Lane diamond engagement ring after accepting Shallcross’ proposal, as is typical of the franchise.

However, not long ago, fans noticed Biggar was not wearing her engagement ring. The missing ring concerned some fans of “The Bachelor,” and she did address the situation at one point. Now, luckily, the ring is back on Biggar’s finger where it belongs.

Here’s what you need to know:

Kaity Biggar’s Ring Was With ABC for a While

On March 9, Biggar shared the good news regarding her engagement ring in an Instagram Story. A screenshot of the big moment was also shared in “The Bachelor” subreddit. The screenshot showed a man holding open a ring box, displaying an engagement ring.

It seems likely it was Shallcross holding the box, and Biggar’s stunning engagement ring was ready to wear again. “Finally reunited,” Biggar added in text over the photo.

In early February, “The Bachelor” fans noticed Biggar’s engagement ring missing. A missing ring has been a troubling sign for other franchise couples at times in the past, and multiple social media followers asked Biggar about it.

“Did they break up?? No ring on finger,” one fan noted on an Instagram post of Biggar’s.

A comment on another Instagram post read, “Why no ring?”

Within the comments section of a February 2 TikTok post of Biggar’s, she addressed the topic of the missing ring. “I had to give it back to ABC for a little bit,” she explained.

Biggar did not share any additional context or explanation, though. Some “Bachelor” fans were still concerned.

“Wait we need to know more,” one follower noted.

“Wait please elaborate,” begged another.

‘The Bachelor’ Fans Are Happy the Couple Is Doing Well

Biggar’s Instagram Stories utilized the Jason Derulo song “Marry Me” to go along with her ring reunion, which seemed quite fitting. Several “Bachelor” fans shared their enthusiasm over the return of the ring and the couple’s happiness on Reddit.

“This was my favorite season recently. I am happy they are doing so well,” one Redditor noted.

“They are the normalest Bach couple ever…Kinda rooting for these two,” another shared.

A third commenter concurred. “Completely agree. They didn’t let the fake get to their head. They’re both just so adorable together.”

“I think she has one of the better Neil Lane Rings and I’m happy they’re happy,” added someone else.

Biggar’s missing ring may have caused some concern among fans, but plenty of signs suggest the “Bachelor” couple is doing well together.

Shallcross and Biggar attended both “The Golden Bachelor” finale as well as “The Golden Wedding” for Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner together. In addition, in January, Biggar and Shallcross shared the news that they had moved into a new place together.

The pair recently returned from a trip together to Dubai, where they experienced plenty of romantic moments together. They also have shared simpler activities they have done together like taking a sushi class. Their wedding is not imminent, but all signs suggest Shallcross and Biggar remain solid as a couple a year after their “Bachelor” season ended.

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