How to Hide an Engagement Ring Box Until You’re Ready to Propose
How to Hide an Engagement Ring Box Until You’re Ready to Propose

How to Hide an Engagement Ring Box Until You’re Ready to Propose

Keep your special surprise a secret with these expert tips.

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Unless you pick up an engagement ring right before you’re about to propose, you’ll need a safe place to hide it until the big moment is about to occur. Needless to say, hiding an engagement ring box can be a pretty stressful experience, especially if you already live with your partner or they spend a lot of time in your home.

Sometimes the spots that seem the best are the ones that end up being the most obvious, and the last thing you want is for your partner to accidentally stumble across that tiny box before you have the chance to get down on one knee. So to ensure that the proposal remains a true surprise, we enlisted the help of an expert to get some tips on where and how to hide an engagement ring box up until you’re ready to ask “Will you marry me?”.

Ashley Pate Newkirk is a wedding planner and owner of Ash Events based in South Carolina. She has years of experience planning weddings and special events.

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Where and How to Hide an Engagement Ring Box

Somewhere in your home might seem like the most obvious place to hide an engagement ring box, but it’s not always ideal, especially if you live with your partner. For starters, you don’t want to give them a chance to accidentally come upon the box while cleaning or organizing; and while it’s unlikely, there’s also the possibility that a home burglary could happen, putting your ring in grave danger.

“Truthfully, you are best hiding the engagement ring away from your house,” says Ashley Pate Newkirk, a South Carolina-based wedding planner. “I typically recommend getting a safety deposit box to hold it so that it won’t be accidentally stumbled upon, and it’s also safely stored.” If a safety deposit box isn’t an option, though, she advises giving it to someone you trust until you’re ready to use it.

However, if neither of those options work, then your home is the next best bet. Pate Newkirk suggests finding some sort of container where you can hide the ring box, rather than just hiding it in, say, the bottom of your underwear drawer. Specifically, she recommends using something ordinary looking with a secret compartment, such as a potted plant, cleaning product, or even a fake food can. “This way it’s hidden in plain sight and wouldn’t give away the surprise, but would also be somewhere you remember,” she says.

If you don’t want to buy something extra, she further suggests finding a sneaky spot in your home, such as a hidden panel within a wall or floor, or even taping the box to the back of a piece of artwork on the wall. “You want to select a place that is able to be free from debris, food, or liquid to help prevent damage,” Pate Newkirk adds. Lastly, the planner advises people to swap the actual ring box out with something like a flat box that doesn’t look so obvious. That way, even if your partner sees it, they won’t immediately know what’s inside.

As for places to avoid, Pate Newkirk urges people to stay clear of closets, drawers, bags, game counsels, toolboxes, the garage, and clothing (in a pocket, shoe, sock, etc.). “So frequently we hear of clients accidentally stumbling upon them during day-to-day activities,” Pate Newkirk shares. That’s why you really want to avoid spots that your significant other may come across, especially if you think they may be actively trying to find a hidden ring.

How to Hide an Engagement Ring Box if You’re Traveling for Your Proposal

Plan on proposing during a romantic beach getaway or during a big trip to Europe? It’s a great idea, but that also means you’ll need to keep your ring box safe and sound while going through airports and more, which can feel a little overwhelming.

For those who are flying, Pate Newkirk stresses the importance of keeping the ring box as close to you as possible. “Keep it inside your carry-on bag so that it stays with you at all times, even if your luggage goes missing,” she says. However, that also means that your ring will have to go through security and potentially customs, probably with your partner standing next to you.

In order to keep airport security from accidentally revealing your secret, keep it snug in its box and don’t wrap it in plastic wrap or any material that may alert security—you don’t want them asking you to unwrap the box if your bag gets checked. You can also try putting a little note on the box that says something like, “Shhh, engagement ring inside.” That way, if they have to search your bag, they hopefully know to be discreet.

Most importantly, you’ll want to keep the ring box as safe as possible while in a new place. “Regardless of where you decide to hide it, be sure to take extra precautions to keep it safe and secure while traveling,” Pate Newkirk says. “Consider using a travel lock or other security measures to protect the ring from loss or theft.”

How Long to Keep an Engagement Ring Box Hidden

How long you choose to hide a ring box is ultimately a personal preference. However, know that the longer you hide it, the longer you have to worry about it. “If you know that you are not someone who can keep a secret well, you may only need to give yourself a day or two max with the ring in the home before the proposal,” Pate Newkirk says.

That said, sometimes you may have it for weeks or even months before the proposal happens. If you know it’s going to be hidden for a long time, be sure the hiding place is extremely safe and secure.

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