9 Engagement Ring Trends Taking Over The 2024 Bridal Market
9 Engagement Ring Trends Taking Over The 2024 Bridal Market

9 Engagement Ring Trends Taking Over The 2024 Bridal Market

In the era of individuality and personal style, the wedding industry has seen a shift; brides-to-be now have more ring options that traverse well beyond the diamond halo. I would know — I married the love of my life in September 2023 and reviewed dozens of rings in the process.

Similar to your personalized daily wardrobe, the proper engagement ring depends on your lifestyle, aesthetic, and budget. For me, a fashion writer who tied the knot in an airy Brooklyn loft, finding a ring that complemented my fashion ethos was crucial. I wanted a piece that embodied me.

When searching for my ideal ring, my now-husband and I scoured New York City’s beloved jewelers, shops, and boutiques for an unusual gray diamond, also known as “fancy gray.” The stone color had been growing in popularity among Instagram-famous jewelry designers and was at the top of my list.

I almost went with a simple pear cut on a cigar band — two engagement ring trends on the rise — but it didn’t look right on my bony finger. And my saved Instagram folder was brimming with chunky silver bands, but gold was more flattering against my deep brown skin. The moment I slid my gray, three-stone, hazeline ring onto my finger, I knew the classic-meets-individual style was a perfect choice.

The above design details are just a few trends taking hold in today’s bridal scene. From horizontal stones, nostalgic cigar bands, and salt and pepper diamonds, to “quiet luxury” emerald cuts à la Sofia Richie, these (and more) engagement ring trends are making waves.

2024 Engagement Ring Trends

Courtesy of David Yurman, Jessica McCormack, Frank Darling

Traditionally shaped stones like ovals, pears, and cushion cuts are being given the “east-west” antidote for a decidedly renewed feel. Ideal for the bride who prefers a more wearable look, these settings feel elevated but still timeless.

The unexpected look is already trending among in-the-know brides — in fact, my last few friends to get engaged all chose a horizontal setting. In recent months, I’ve also spotted stylists, editors, and other creatives showcasing their stylish sideways styles. Meanwhile, social-media-based brands, like Jessica McCormack and Frank Darling, have begun offering more longways variations for brides to be.

Courtesy of Bario Neal, Common Ground, Marrow, and Jade Trau

The trendy skewed, or “akimbo,” setting will give any diamond an instant dose of modernity, regardless of cut. It’s an easy way to make a classic solitaire stone feel completely rejuvenated.

Emily Ratajkowski gets all the credit for sparking this trend with her toi et moi ring, which featured angled pear and square cut diamonds set side by side. Her 2018 engagement set a trend in motion that has snowballed into one of 2024’s hottest settings.

Courtesy of Frank Darling, James Allen, Goodstone

One of 2023’s trendiest styles, the full bezel wraps completely around a diamond’s girdle, or waist, creating a metallic halo that frames the stone. A half bezel, on the other hand, only wraps a portion of the diamond, leaving it open on the sides.

An updated version of the beloved style, half-bezel settings offer the same subtle chicness as their full counterpart, just with a contemporary flair.

Courtesy of Wwake, No. 3, Artemer, Kimai

Jewelry designers introduced this etherial trend as a novelty in the jewelry market, and it quickly took off. Now, WeddingTok is awash with floating stones, as newly engaged couples flood algorithms with their ring details.

In these designs, the stone sits just above the band, giving the impression that the diamond is hovering. A floating diamond can also have a floating halo or a floating bezel — the options are endless.

Courtesy of Goodstone, De Beers, Bario Neal, Grown Brilliance

SATC lovers remember Carrie Bradshaw’s disgust for the pear-cut diamond ring Aiden bought her — but times have surely changed. Back then, teardrop-shaped stones were passe. Now, however, they’re a sign of impeccable taste.

One of 2023’s biggest engagement ring trends, the style will continue well into 2024. The definitive beauty of pear-cut stones complement a motley of settings — from solitaire to multi-stone and halo designs. Timeless and eye-catching, they can also be easily customized.

Courtesy of Capucinne, Hidden Space, Alexis Russell

The term “salt and pepper diamond” refers to a gem that features a mix of natural black and white inclusions — varying from one to the other, with a unique hue for each. These stones can fall anywhere on the gray color spectrum: charcoal, dusty gray, or with milky hint of white.

Instead of the four Cs (cut, clarity, carat, and color), these diamonds are evaluated based on their unique patterns and inclusions. White diamonds are no longer the exclusive standard — when it comes to gray stones, the more unique the details, the better.

Because of the trending status, fine jewelry brands like Anna Sheffield, Alexis Russell, and Sofia Zakia have expanded their salt and pepper diamond offerings. If you need inspiration, there are countless custom-made iterations on TikTok as well.

Courtesy of June Rings, Kinn, Marrow, and Melissa Joy Manning

The cigar band is neither a new trend nor a transient craze, but it has certainly gained popularity in recent years. In 2024, more and more brides will abandon dainty eternity bands in favor of these thicker rings.

With a ’90s sensibility, chunky wedding bands make a statement, without the addition of diamonds. These styles offer more coverage around the finger, make for effortless stacking, and offer a heavier frame with which to highlight a diamond centerpiece.

Courtesy of Arielle Ratner, Moda Operandi, Brilliant Earth

Traditional styles won’t be disappearing anytime soon (more on that next), but brides-to-be are becoming more adventurous with their preferences, leading to a rise in individualistic and uncommon rings.

Whether you choose a vintage statement piece, a custom-designed setting, or a unique salt and pepper diamond, like I did, there is no “best engagement ring” — there is only the engagement ring that’s best for you.

Just take a browse through Bernard James’ collections — each piece represents identity and individuality. Fine jewelry designer M. Hisae also offers unique options, like its creative take on the historical toi et moi ring. Even big-name brands, like Brilliant Earth, now offer online customization for easy and accessible personalization.

Courtesy of Frank Darling, Diamond Nexus, Tiffany & Co., Vrai

Society darlings, both past and present, have always gravitated toward emerald cut rings — from Paris Hilton to Grace Kelly to, most recently, Sofia Richie. After Richie’s highly publicized wedding, “quiet luxury” as we know it was brought to the forefront, putting this timeless silhouette at the top of many a wish list.

Rectangular stones first became prevalent in the 1920s a result of the art deco movement, which was influenced by pristine lines, geometric shapes, and balance. In the decades after, the shape has maintained perpetual appeal. Ideal for the modern-day it girl, emerald cut diamonds look both traditional and incredibly current.

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