Yvette shows off engagement ring, but viewers say Mohamed is in it for the green card
Yvette shows off engagement ring, but viewers say Mohamed is in it for the green card

Yvette shows off engagement ring, but viewers say Mohamed is in it for the green card

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Yvette flaunts her engagement ring and receives backlash from naysayers about her relationship with Mohamed. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance star Yvette Arellano recently posted a photo montage of her engagement to Mohamed. 

Although Yvette’s post was seemingly harmless and meant to share the excitement of the ordeal, she did receive a lot of backlash from viewers claiming that Mohamed was not in the relationship for the right reasons. 

Yvette’s photos included Mohamed down on one knee, in his fitted black suit with the ring, her and Mohamed posing together with a bouquet of flowers, and of course the main event, a close-up of Yvette’s ring. 

Yvette captioned her post by saying, “This was actually my third #engagement #ring from @mo_official90 (ring emoji, ring emoji) 3rd one (heart eyes emoji, diamond emoji) was a surprise upgrade.”

“The first ring he gave me was the emerald cut ruby that I love #(blue heart emoji) & then he gave me a wedding set with #gold & #diamonds when I went to #egypt the second time because he wanted me to have those two elements & then the 3rd #rock (diamond emoji).”

“He had kept the ring hidden & he wanted to surprise me.”

Yve didn’t receive the feedback she was hoping for

As beautiful as the photos were, there were some 90 Day Fiance viewers who were not pleased with the entire idea of Mohamed and Yvette getting married and truly believed that Mohamed was in the relationship to gain citizenship and receive a green card. 

One viewer commented under Yvette’s post that they did not believe that Mohamed was in love with her and that the only reason he was only on 90 Day Fiance with her was to get a green card. 

The viewer said, “personally from what I’ve seen he’s the one in the season there for his green card…he’s playing the long game.. hope I ain’t right for your sake you seem a lovely lady and mum.” 

Some viewers believe Mohamed is playing games with Yve.
Pic credit: @yve_arellano/Instagram

Another viewer commented on Yvette’s post and offered their opinions of Mohamed calling him, selfish, young, and spoiled. 

The viewer said, “He’s not in love with her..he selfish, young and spoiled…she’s lonely and looking for love all wrong…he would of been back in Egypt the moment he wanted a new sponsor…bye!!” 

Viewers call Mohamed selfish.
Pic credit: @yve_arellano/Instagram

Some viewers think Mohamed has a hidden agenda

An additional viewer commented their own predictions believing that Mohamed had a hidden agenda. 

The viewer said, “He’s playing nice till the green card comes then he’s gonna go back home with all the money he’s made.”

Some viewers believe Mohamed has a hidden agenda.
Pic credit: @yve_arellano/Instagram

Yvette and Mohamed have had a rocky relationship, but hopefully, the two will be able to persevere past the negativity and enjoy their future with one another. 

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays on TLC at 8/7c.

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