Winter Fashion Trends To Look Out For
Winter Fashion Trends To Look Out For

Winter Fashion Trends To Look Out For

While the summer sun may still be out, it’s never too early to look ahead and start prepping your wardrobe for the seasons to come. With Fall and Winter fashion showcases already presented in Paris and New York, it’s time to consider what styles you might want to wear this winter. There are a variety of new trends for this winter that we’re obsessed with, and we’re pretty sure you will be too! Read on for a breakdown of all the coolest trends to come this winter, as well as advice from experts on how to style the perfect winter look.

The Importance of a Winter Wardrobe Update

Time moves fast but fashion moves faster, and it’s important to update your style for the season. While you could wear the same old itchy holiday sweater your aunt gave you a few years ago, where’s the fun in that? As fashion designer Vivienne Westwood once said, “Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well.” While you might currently view updating your winter wardrobe as a chore, try to frame it in a positive light: the clothing you wear is a representation of you, it gives the world a first impression of who you are and how you love to present yourself.

Additionally, when you wear clothing that you feel good in, you look better too! “It’s essential to update your wardrobe periodically,” says Noel Jones, PR Coordinator at Brandon Blackwood. “Just as the seasons change, so does your fashion sense. As much as you want to keep up with the latest trends, you also want to adjust your style to fit your current interests and preferences.” Giving your winter wardrobe some love is basically a form of self-love, and you deserve it!

Winter Weather Essentials

Before we get to the trendiest winter fashion styles of 2022, we’ve got some essential items picked out that are always great to have on hand for the colder months.

Sweaters You Can Easily Layer

Even if you live in a place with mild winter weather, it’s always a good idea to have some sweaters on hand for an easy-to-style top option that will have you looking good while keeping you warm. “Sweaters are perfect for layering during the colder months,” says Monte Deere, CEO of Kizik. “They also come in a variety of styles that make them versatile for many different occasions. You could opt for a more casual knit sweater for a white elephant gift exchange with friends, or go for a classy cashmere sweater for a holiday dinner with the in-laws.”

Boots Made for Weather and Walking


While sneakers and slip-ons might cut it as footwear for warmer months, when winter rolls into town, it’s time to break out the boots. “I think it’s important to have at least one pair of go-to boots for the winter months,” says Sumeer Kaur, CEO of Lashkaraa. “They’re cute and functional, a perfect combination for unpredictable winter weather.”

Cozy Pajamas

During the winter months, comfort is key. “When nights and mornings get colder, you want to have a set of pajamas that look cute, but also provide enough warmth,” says Adelle Archer, CEO and Co-Founder of Eterneva. “Opt for a matching flannel set with a fun holiday print, or invest in some warm loungewear if you’re looking for a comfy, fashionable fit you can wear all day long.”

A Go-To Pair of Tights

Never underestimate the power of a good pair of tights! Tights are great to have on hand to throw on under a skirt or dress when it’s too cold to leave your legs uncovered. Depending on personal preference, you could go for regular sock-footed tights, or choose a footless pair instead. Tights come in a vast array of colors and textures as well, so they’re easy to match with any winter ensemble.

A Cute Dress Coat

“While winter means wearing layers, it doesn’t mean those layers can’t be cute!” says Patrick Robinson, CEO and Founder of Paskho. “Invest in a high-quality, sophisticated wool winter dress coat to stay warm while looking good.” Oversized dress coats tend to be incredibly popular and are the perfect option to wear over a nice dress to your office holiday party.

The Coolest Winter Fashion Trends of 2022

While the year may be coming to a close, the fashion fun has just begun! This year promises a wonderland of winter fashion trends. Some of the best include:

Cut-Out Tops and Dresses

Clothing items with cut-outs have risen greatly in popularity throughout the fashion world in 2022. According to Dan Potter, Head of Digital at CRAFTD London, “Cut-out tops and dresses are a great way to show just a little bit of skin during the winter months. Pair a knit shirt with a cut-out neckline with a tailored matching blazer and pants for an exciting, yet elegant look. For a more casual style, you could opt for a long-sleeved bodysuit with waist cut-outs paired with a set of dark wash jeans and boots.” Whatever the season, cut-outs are in style this year.

Knit Matching Sets

There’s nothing quite as comfortable as a nice knit set to wear: even better, knit matching sets are totally in style right now! “We’re seeing a huge rise in popularity in layered knit looks throughout the fashion world this year,” says Gigi Ji, Head of Brand and Business Development of Kokolu. “Knit matching sets are perfect for winter. They’re warm and easy to wear. I recommend trying a set in a bold color like fuschia, which has been quite popular recently.”

Color-blocked knit sets are also a great option if you want to combine multiple hues into your look. In order to create a color-blocked outfit, choose one solid color for your knit top, and another solid hue for your knit bottoms.

If simple and chic is your signature style, try a black turtleneck knit sweater with a matching black knit maxi skirt. Whatever type of looks you love, you’re sure to find a knit set that suits you.

Flight Jackets

Flight jackets have soared back into popularity this year and are an ideal combination of warmth and style for the winter months. “Flight jackets, or bomber jackets as they’re also commonly known, are always in style. But recently they’ve become even more popular, with high-fashion brands coming up with their own elevated versions of them,” says Karim Hachem, VP of eCommerce at Maxine of Hollywood. “If you’re looking for a flight jacket that stands out from a crowd, try an oversized option with a bright hue.” Equally bold options include flight jackets with elaborate embroidered patterns or exciting sequin appliques. If a bold bomber jacket isn’t for you, opt for a classic all-black flight jacket with a satin exterior.

Flight jackets are ideal for casual winter outings when the weather isn’t too inclement. “They’re a wonderful outerwear option to elevate a simple long-sleeve shirt and jeans look,” says Cesar Cruz, Co-Founder of Sebastian Cruz Couture. “It’s great to have a winter jacket that’s an in-between for a light cardigan and a hefty winter coat.”

Mini Skirts

Y2K fashion has gotten a huge boost in popularity thanks to the Gen Z crowd. “We’re seeing a pivot away from high-rise maxi skirts, and back to mid and low-rise mini skirts,” says Eric Elggren, Co-Founder of Andar. “The younger generation has totally embraced the Y2K look, but are putting their own twist on it, wearing mini-skirts in a variety of different styles. There’s been a resurgence in the tennis skirt look, the fashion meets athleisure look, as well as more punk rock styles of plaid and flannel.” Just be sure you’ve got a pair of tights to wear underneath your favorite mini skirt when temperatures get super chilly!

Lots of Leather

Last but not least, leather outfits are another fashionable style for the winter season. Leather jackets are a great option for warmth to dress up a casual winter look, or to layer over a stylish long knit dress. Leather pants and skirts are also a great option for fashionable bottoms that are functional as well. You can opt for classic black leather, or spice your winter leather look up with warm red hues.

A Winter Fashion Wrap Up

As fashion designer Kenzo Takata once said, “Fashion is like eating; You shouldn’t stick to the same menu.” While it can be tempting to recycle the same clothes you wore last year, it’s great to embrace new fashion trends and update your wardrobe for the winter months. Make sure you have your closet stocked with a few winter staples: sweaters, cozy pajamas, a perfect pair of boots, easy-to-accessorize tights, and a stylish dress coat. From there, enjoy exploring the latest trends that the fashion world has to offer: from cute peekaboo cut-out tops and dresses to wonderfully warm knit matching sets, to fashionable flight jackets, leather looks, and Y2K-inspired mini skirts. There are so many new and exciting styles to add to your closet this winter. More importantly, you get the chance to make the most trendy fashion items your own. What winter trends are you most excited to try this year?

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