The 13 Best Places to Buy an Engagement Ring Online
The 13 Best Places to Buy an Engagement Ring Online

The 13 Best Places to Buy an Engagement Ring Online

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Whether you’re just browsing virtually or ready to make this monumental purchase, stick to these trusted retailers when you shop.

<p>Courtesy of Catbird, Jared, Brilliant Earth</p>

Courtesy of Catbird, Jared, Brilliant Earth

Like most major life milestones, purchasing an engagement ring requires careful consideration and—typically—a considerable amount of funds. That’s why you want to make sure that the retailer you choose to buy a diamond (or stone alternative!) from is transparent, reputable, and trust-worthy, whether you’re shopping online or in-person at a brick-and-mortar shop.

If you’ve chosen to shop (or at least browse!) virtually, you’re in luck: Our editors and experts put together a list of vetted online websites for engagement rings. Stick to these companies, and you won’t just find a ring that expresses how you feel and lasts forever—you’ll find a partner that will guide you on your search, so you can make that monumental final decision with confidence.

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Beverly Diamonds

<p>Courtesy of Beverly Diamonds</p>

Courtesy of Beverly Diamonds

Beverly Diamonds is a family-owned business that provides several stone options, from natural to lab-grown diamonds, says Kimmie Smith, a celebrity fashion stylist. They also offer Moissanite, a growing category that’s slightly different from lab-grown or natural diamonds—which means there’s something for anyone at almost every price point. “In addition to Beverly’s offerings, the website features plenty of trustworthy information about the brand and its vendors,” Smith says.

David Yurman

<p>Courtesy of David Yurman</p>

David Yurman is a classic jeweler that is well-known for making high-quality pieces, says Suzanne Halaska, a certified wedding planner and the founder and owner of Couture Events. “For someone looking for a bold engagement ring that still has a modern touch or an identifiable ring and brand, David Yurman is a great pick,” she says. Want a sapphire or emerald bauble? Many of their engagement settings are available with alternative gemstones, as well.

For couples seeking hands-on customer service, David Yurman offers a breadth of in-person appointments and experiences, so you will feel really taken care of throughout this investment process. “Their jewelry experts are extremely attentive and knowledgeable, so you know you will be in good hands when making your selection,” Halaska says.

Gabriel & Co.

<p>Courtesy of Gabriel & Co.</p>

Courtesy of Gabriel & Co.

No matter how much you love your partner—and how sure you are they are the perfect match for you—purchasing an engagement ring is a significant investment, and navigating the process can be overwhelming, Smith says. If you want a fail-safe or the option of changing your mind on a particular ring, choose your set from Gabriel & Co. After you browse their website, you can book an appointment at a local partner store that sells your ring to see it and try it on in person. “They also allow you to return your ring within one year should you change your mind,” Smith says. “This allows you to feel more confident about the purchase while having the time to see if this is the engagement ring that speaks to you.”

Tiffany & Co.

<p>Courtesy of Tiffany & Co.</p>

Courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

You can’t go more classic than Tiffany & Co. when it comes to engagement rings, says Halaska. Not only does the iconic jewelry company offer only the highest-quality jewels and precious metals, but it is also the perfect choice for a bride looking for a timeless ring. “While this option may not be in everyone’s budget, an engagement ring from Tiffany is bound to be a showstopper,” she says.

The luxury brand also takes the engagement ring shopping experience to heart, making it memorable and comfortable. “From complimentary resizing to custom engravings, their team of experts will be there every step of the way to ensure the ring you select is the perfect fit,” Halaska says.


<p>Courtesy of Jared</p>

You’ve definitely heard about Jared—it’s one of the most well-known and trusted brands in the engagement ring industry. And for good reason, per Smith. They have many cuts, stones, lab-grown and natural diamonds, metals, and various pricing options. “In addition to their assortment of wedding and engagement rings, they also offer diamond education,” she says. Beyond the essential four Cs—cut, color, clarity, and carat—Jared has a wealth of information to guide your purchase. “You’ll find engagement ring 101, custom design, budget resources, and a financing guide on their site,” Smith says.

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Brilliant Earth

<p>Courtesy of Brilliant Earth</p>

Courtesy of Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth has a rigorous diamond sourcing protocol that ensures all stones listed on their site are conflict-free—and each engagement ring comes with a trace of the diamond’s origin. This retailer is also Halaska’s top pick for couples searching for Moissanite rings, due to the wide selection of stones that can be customized to your exact specifications. “This is the perfect choice for someone who wants to buy a multi-carat stone but doesn’t have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on a ring,” she says.


<p>Courtesy of Lightbox</p>

Although Lightbox carries necklaces and earrings, you can also purchase loose stones from the retailer to create your own dream engagement ring with a local jeweler—making it a great choice for couples who want to design a custom, but affordable keepsake together, says Smith. Best of all, Lightbox has options for the traditionalist and non-traditionalist alike, with colored diamonds in various weights and carats, Smith says.

Keep in mind that this company exclusively sells lab-grown diamonds, so you should skip it if you’re looking for a natural stone.

Blue Nile

<p>Courtesy of Blue Nile</p>

For a one-stop shop that gives you a myriad of options with regards to price and style, consider Blue Nile, says Smith. When you visit the engagement ring section of their website, you can select natural diamonds or lab-grown right off the bat. Like many other engagement ring retailers, they also offer a number of stone shapes, styles, and settings. “If you are looking for ideas, you can see their top engagement rings,” Smith says. “You can also see different views of the ring and how it looks with a smaller or larger carat stone, so you know what it would look like on your [or your partner’s] hand.”

Gardens of the Sun

<p>Courtesy of Etsy</p>

Halaska is a fan of this Esty shop for couples seeking modern and alternative engagement rings that—wait for it—can be fully customized. As she explains, this Bali-based shop creates 100-percent conflict-free gems and uses sustainably sourced metals. Their designs are unique and interesting, but also provide couples with room to tweak existing offerings. “They have an incredible selection of beautiful salt-and-pepper diamonds, which are becoming increasingly popular among my clients. These diamonds offer amazing color variation, from light to speckled to nearly black, while still being natural diamonds,” she says.

If you and your spouse-to-be want to create something truly unique, this shop encourages you to mix and match different gemstones, resulting in an even more custom look. And while Gardens of the Sun is a budget-friendly engagement ring retailer, you certainly won’t sacrifice beauty or quality with this jeweler, Halaska adds.

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Bario Neal

<p>Courtesy of Bario Neal</p>

A woman-owned small business, Bario Neal is the ultimate engagement ring destination for the modern bride. Known for their cluster baubles, featuring a mix of unique stones in a range of sizes, the company also keeps their design process completely in-house—and can expertly navigate a ring redesign or turn a family stone into something entirely new.


<p>Courtesy of Vrai</p>

If sustainability is one of your key priorities on your engagement ring search, go with Vrai. The world’s first zero-emissions diamond producer, Vrai offers lab-grown diamonds exclusively; their designs are chic and minimal and come with a lifetime care package, which includes resizing, yearly cleanings, and a forever warranty.

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<p>Courtesy of Zales</p>

Another well-known engagement ring retailer, Zales offers the hybrid model many couples want—you can browse online or try on in store. If you want to go the custom route (which isn’t always a possibility at a mass retailer), you can thanks to the Zales Design Suite; the program offers real-time renderings and price updates at each phase of the virtual design process.


<p>Courtesy of Catbird</p>

A solid option for sustainability-conscious couples, Catbird offers engagement rings made with guaranteed recycled diamonds, lab-grown options, recycled gold, and ethically-sourced, conflict-free natural stones. The brand’s signature aesthetic is decidedly dainty and walks the line between classic and contemporary. Peruse the brand’s top-sellers to get inspired.

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