sandra sandy
sandra sandy

R.I. woman turned pearl found in a clam into her engagement ring

The Boston Globe

Sandra “Sandy” Sikorski found a pearl in a plate of clams she was savoring with her fiance Ken Steinkamp at a Westerly restaurant. The couple made it the centerstone of her engagement ring.

Sandra “Sandy” Sikorski found a pearl in a clam at the the Bridge Restaurant in Westerly, left, and had it made into her engagement ring, right. SANDRA SIKORSKI/KEN STEINKAMP

WESTERLY, R.I. — Sandra “Sandy” Sikorski’s engagement ring is the stuff dreams are made of.

As her fiance Ken Steinkamp tells it, the couple met through a dating service on a rainy night in December 2019. They were both living in Westerly and quickly realized they were soulmates. They have since weathered the ups and downs of a relationship.

Westerly artists Sandra “Sandy” Sikorski and Ken Steinkamp are engaged. – SANDRA SIKORSKI/KEN STEINKAMP

“Time together speaks to the importance of getting engaged,” Steinkamp told the Globe. “We had rings early on, just as a token of our commitment, but this (pearl ring) amps up the promise. I think it’s the making of a Hallmark movie.”

The breathtaking jewel on Sikorski’s left hand came to the couple in a most conspicuous way. She slurped it from a clam, believed to be from Narragansett Bay, at the Bridge Restaurant and Oyster Bar over Christmas 2021.

The couple, who were accompanied by Sikorski’s brother and his wife from Tampa, gasped at the silky cream-colored pearl before them. They had never seen anything so dazzling.

The hefty Mercenaria pearl measures 9.8 mm — about six karats if it were a diamond — and is perfectly oval. No one had ever found one dining at the Bridge Restaurant, according to a restaurant employee. A clam would need to go untouched for nearly half a century to make a pearl this

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