rise jeans
rise jeans

The Great Navel Gazing Trends Of London Fashion Week AW23

After years living under the threat of low-rise jeans’ return, the moment has most certainly arrived. Seen on the likes of Julia Fox and Bella Hadid in recent months, Net-A-Porter’s Market Director Libby Page confirmed to us that the style is back with a bang: ‘[Low-rise jeans were] featured in over half of the shows at fashion month, and are a clear continuation of the Y2K trend we first saw take hold for SS22.’

But, it isn’t just denim that’s receiving the low-slung treatment. According to London Fashion Week, most waistlines are heading south. With a new drop-waist silhouette seemingly comes an emphasis on all things hips; puff ball peplums and exaggerated shaping on hipbones will be everywhere for AW23.

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Di Petsa AW23

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If you’re already having horrid flashbacks to the disturbing Noughties’ fascination with size zero the last time all things low-waisted were on trend, let us reassure you that this time around, everyone is invited to the belly-baring party.

Celebrating all types of bodies, with a big emphasis on all things tummy, Di Petsa sent her diverse cast of models down the runway in plenty of low-slung skirts, even casting one pregnant model (as did Sinead O’Dwyer this season) and placing fake bumps on others.

bell baring trend

Karoline Vitto AW23


Fashion East’s Karoline Vitto hired only mid and plus-size models for her decidedly sexy catwalk show, exposing their lower midriffs in teeny two-pieces that were expertly fitted with metalwork.

Despite the new inclusive approach, skin-baring still isn’t for everyone. Enter Standing Ground, another designer on Fashion East’s runway this season. Designer Michael Stewart demonstrated

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