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Engagement Rings For All At The Love Ring Showcase

An international jewelry design showcase at London jewelry gallery Tomfoolery, is putting alternative bridal jewelry from a host of international designers and artists in the spotlight. Gallery Director Laura Kay is taking a more inclusive stance for the selling exhibition this year, which was previously known as alt.BRIDE and has now been rebranded as Love Ring, featuring jewels that everyone can wear as an expression of love.

Kay started the showcase in 2014, when she identified a gap in the market for “unique and sculptural engagement rings”. In the intervening nine years, the event has evolved with societal attitudes to love, and how we celebrate it.

“We wanted to fully represent love in all its glorious forms,” says Kay, “and acknowledge the many different ways in which we can joyously express love outside of a wedding ceremony, for ourselves, our family, friends or a partner. Love Ring is the definitive destination for all people who want to celebrate their love through individual style.”

Set up by Nicki and Peter Kay in 1994, as a contemporary fine and costume jewelry gallery, Tomfoolery is one of the London design scene’s hidden gems. Today, the team focuses on artistry and craftsmanship in an eclectic selection by jewelry designers from around the world.

Highlights at the showcase include Brooke Gregson’s recent explorations of enamel and engraving, and the opal Monolith by WWAKE, an exploration of the beauty of the brand’s signature stone. Ruth Tomlinson, who has recently

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