retinol alternative
retinol alternative

15 Bakuchiol Skincare Products That Are Great Retinol Alternatives

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Retinol is one of those miracle ingredients which can seemingly solve every major skincare concern. Fine lines and wrinkles, crepey skin, sagging, hyperpigmentation and even acne can all be counteracted with regular topical retinol use. It can also help even out skin texture and keep your complexion better hydrated when used alongside other treatments. With all of these benefits, any savvy shopper should want to give retinol a try — but is it for everyone? Not exactly. Thankfully, there’s an alternative skincare ingredient which comparable to retinol and may be safer to use: bakuchiol!

What makes bakuchiol a great retinol alternative?

For starters, bakuchiol is naturally derived from the seeds and leaves of the babchi plant. It’s reportedly been used in Eastern medicine for centuries, and now it’s found its way into the skincare stratosphere! It’s been shown to boost collagen production in the same way retinol does, which is what helps your skin improve elasticity to make it more youthful and radiant. On the other hand, retinol is a chemical compound which may be a bit harsher on the skin, hence why it can sometimes have negative side-effects.

Why not retinol?

While research has proven that topical retinol use is totally safe, certain skin types should be a little weary before testing out retinol treatments. If you have dry or sensitive skin, deal with eczema, rosacea or severe acne, retinol skincare products might do more harm than good. But with bakuchiol as a gentler, natural alternative, you can get all of the same benefits retinol provides without the risk!

You can find bakuchiol in similar skincare treatments which commonly use retinol for anti-aging benefits, including serums, eye creams and

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