I say if he can’t revive the engagement with an old ring

DEAR MISS MANNERS: A friend of mine was engaged for months. Then she and her fiance had a misunderstanding and he asked for the ring back. She returned it.

He has since found the error of his ways and gave her the ring again.

I say she needs a new ring, or at least an altered one — have that one remounted or somehow changed. After all, he wouldn’t use a ring he had first given to someone else. I say when he asked for it back, it terminated the contract of marriage, and therefore this is a new engagement and needs a new ring.

Who is right?

GENTLE READER: Are you planning to be part of this marriage? Or are you only the couple’s jeweler?

Perhaps the couple sees that ring as symbolizing the welcome return of the harmony of their early engagement. Or as a rock that remains solid despite any troubles.

In any case, Miss Manners does not consider pressing your unpleasant theory of The Tainted Ring to be an act of friendship.

DEAR MISS MANNERS: I’m pregnant and want to have a party celebrating this new stage in life.

I do not want any gifts. I do not want the burden of hosting to fall on another person. I definitely do not want to do a gimmicky “gender reveal.” I just want to host a party celebrating this moment.

What on earth do I call this party? It’s not a shower; it’s not a gender reveal. What is a name for this party that conveys the purpose without being clunky?

GENTLE READER: Why do people believe that parties have to have names? Probably because the name suggests that presents are due.

But that is not your intention, and there is no

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