Local beauty brand owner’s unique take on skincare

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Alexandria Baskin says focusing on her skincare journey came at a late stage in life. It actually started with her hair. In 2013, she says her hair became damaged after a series of relaxers, which then caused her hair to fall out. Shortly after, her skin started to break out.

“Alot of the over the counter products were not working,” said Alexandria, “so I started off in DIY. I started researching different products and finding out what was great for my skin. In doing that, I started to combine different natural oils and other formulas; and that’s how it started.”

Alexandria, began offering her newly developed skin care products to her family, who quickly became her supporters. She says they advocated for her to take her skin care ideas to the next level and actually create a business behind them. A few years later, Alexandria, came up with the idea of ‘Poppin Natural’ and in 2020, it became official.

As 2020 proved to be a hard time for many people, Alexandria, says she did not let that stop her from creating a successful business. She buckled down and started experimenting with different product ideas.

“My friends and family started using more of my products, especially the Rose Water,” said Alexandria,, “They tell me their skin started to become more hydrated and smooth.”

Over time, Alexandria, began developing an assortment of body butters, essential body oils, eye gels, complexion serums, face toners and more. All of the products are vegan, cruelty free and have natural ingredients.

Stephanie Gallegoes is a longtime customer of Poppin’ Natural and says that she truly loves the products. Not only does Stephanie use the products everyday, she says that she even takes them to work.

“I really love the cuticle serum.

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