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This TikToker Shamed The Telfar Bag After Beyonce’s Shout Out

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A TikToker is big mad over Beyoncé’s lyric about her Hermes Birkin bags being in storage. On the track “Summer Renaissance” on her Renaissance album, she sang “This Telfar bag imported/ Birkins, them s**** in storage.”

This is Beyoncé giving Telfar Clemens’ brand the acknowledgement it deserves as a prominent and highly successful Black-owned business. A Tik Tok user who goes by “EricasGirlyWorld” was perturbed by the boost Bey gave the Telfar brand.

In a nearly three-minute TikTok video, she said the Hermes Birkin bag is far from out of style.

“It’s such misinformation. If you look at Hermes’ financial data the revenue in 2021 was 42% or higher than in 2020,” she said. “That is massive growth.”

She added that “long gone is the time that celebrities were the say all end all be all of all things.” If celebrities aren’t trendsetters, then how did the Birkin become so popular? But I digress.

“There is no absolute voice in terms of what is right or wrong for people to wear. That’s an individual decision,” she continued.”

Erica also downplayed the Telfar bag and said it isn’t luxury, is made of “pleather” and is overall not good for the environment.

“Comparing a Telfar bag to a Birkin is like comparing a mid-range reformation dress to a Dior haute couture gown. It is not even in the same stratosphere. The consumer for Telfar is completely different than the consumer for Birkins. They are looking for completely different things in a completely different price range.”

She added that Birkin buyers are “looking at the fact that the item is going to last the lifetime. It’s going to wear well but not like pleather that’s going to crack in a few years.”

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