Police Officers Use A Metal Pole to Retrieve Couple’s Engagement Ring After it Fell Down Sewage Drain

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Officer Briggs and Sergeant Robinson fishing out the ring, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. SWNS

Officers in Pittsburgh were hot on the trail of a runaway, but they had to improvise in order to save the day.

The caper was an engagement ring that decided to make a break for it through the sewers, but Sergeant Andrew Robinson and Officer Kyle Briggs were not about to be sidestepped so easily.

Out on patrol, the two heard a woman saying she had lost her ring down a sewer as they walked down 16th Street. They decided to stop and help the young woman.

The officers fabricated a device that consisted of a metal pole—found on the street—masking tape and a paperclip attached to the end.

A video, released by the police, shows one of the officers slowly pulling the metal pole and the ring attached to it out of the drain.

“The officers overheard a woman and her fiance’ saying she had lost her ring down a sewer that had a tiny hole in the middle,” said the Pittsburgh Police Bureau in a statement.

“The sergeant who was there said it was a “one in a million shot” that it came off her finger and went into the hole.”

“We don’t know the person’s name. She and her fiance’ were very thankful, jokingly invited them to the wedding, and then drove off in a vehicle with out-of-state plates.”

All in a day’s work for Pittsburgh’s finest.

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