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South Carolina Police Officer Retrieves Engagement Ring From Sewer Drain

The ring sat next to a disgusting banana peel for two days.

<p>Columbia Metropolitan Police Department</p>

Columbia Metropolitan Police Department

One South Carolina bride-to-be received an early wedding gift from a police officer.

Master Officer Ashley Maddox went above and beyond the call of duty when she dropped down into a sewer drain to retrieve the woman’s lost engagement ring.

The ring was lost when the woman took it off in her car and set it in her lap so she could apply lotion to her hands, according to Jennifer Timmons, Public Information Officer for the Columbia Metropolitan Police Department.

She forgot it was in her lap until she got out of the car and it fell into the drain.

For two days the ring was in the drainage area while the woman and her fiancé struggled wondering “what are we supposed to do,” to solve this problem, Timmons said.

The couple finally called the police who were more than willing to help them.

Officer Maddox and two fellow officers responded to the call.  Maddox’s petite frame meant she was the best fit to get into the drain.

I think they all looked at each other and then at Maddox and said, “You’re the smallest, you’ve got to do it,’” Timmons said.

Maddox got into the drain and found the ring next to a “disgusting old banana peel,” Timmons said.

The officer was praised for her heroics on Facebook and Twitter, “Show some love… Maddox took one for the team.”

The ring has returned to the bride’s finger, and she and her fiancé are planning a September wedding.

Three cheers for Officer Maddox!

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