Fashion hacks to look expensively chic on a budget

The aspiration when you step out for a night out with friends, a date night or a party is that you look your classiest, most fashionable and of course, wealthy.

Some are lucky enough to be afford the uber expensive brands and luxury goods, but most of the working class cannot afford to splurge on high end brands just for one event or occasion, no matter how much of a shopaholic they may be.

In the era of inflation, the street smart way is to keep an eye out for fashion friendly items that don’t blow a hole in your budget but at the same time help you put together a look that is both fashionable, chic and elegant. Here are some tips to look like you’re dressed in expensive fashion but really, it’s smart fashion on a budget.

Structured handbags

The bag you carry speaks volumes about your fashion sense and investing in a structured bag will add oodles of classiness to your ensemble. Look for simple designs and solid colours and this will elevate your look. Also structured bags can be paired with all kinds of outfits. Big bags and bold colours are big fashion no no’s. Either a white or a black structured bag (if possible both) in the wardrobe is a fashion must have. Also, stuff them with paper when not in use, so the bags retain their shape.

Gold-toned jewellery

Jewelleries with gold-tones can completely transform the way you look. These are easily available in local markets and they are generally an affordable buy. Likewise, metal or gold chains in belt buckles and bags can also elevate your look. Always make sure the jewellery does not cause any irritation to the skin and don’t wear multiple pieces together as that becomes OTT (Over the top).

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