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Why can’t I grow my hair past a certain length? Ask The Kit | Fashion and Beauty

“Every time I decide to grow my hair long, it gets past my shoulders and the ends get terribly thin and it just looks awful. I always end up giving up and chopping it off. Why won’t my hair grow long and healthy past a certain point?” — Short-haired and sad

That is a frustrating feeling indeed, Short-haired, to be stuck in an in-between place.

Upon reading your question, I realized I do not know why and how hair grows — or stops growing. So I asked Dr. Jeff Donovan, medical director at Donovan Hair Clinic in Whistler, B.C., who is a dermatologist specializing in hair loss. “I treat patients from every corner of the world and see some extremely challenging issues,” he says.

His website lists no less than 45 potential causes for hair loss, ranging from medication side effects to conditions such as alopecia or Hashimoto’s disease to general aging. The scalp’s health can also affect how hair grows. “Seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff and psoriasis can all affect the growth of hair to some degree,” Donovan says.

In your case, he says, one possibility is androgenetic alopecia, also known as female pattern hair loss (it’s quite common: approximately 35 per cent of women will experience this by age 50). But other types of hair loss would “need to be excluded.” Like every good doctor worth their salt, he would want to see the full picture before prescribing a fix. “This patient ‘Short-haired and sad’ needs a proper examination including a review of her entire story and examination of the scalp,” says Donovan. “Blood tests are absolutely necessary before proceeding with a treatment plan.”

If you were to go that route with a doctor, know that there are lots of treatments that can potentially help. “Treatments may include topical

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Living Proof’s New Bond Repair Treatment Works Wonders on Damaged Hair

Living Proof's New Treatment Prevents Damage on Colored Hair

Living Proof’s New Treatment Prevents Damage on Colored Hair

Courtesy Living Proof

If your hair has ever touched bleach or any type of hot tool, you’re probably familiar with bond repair treatments. The wildly popular haircare products have been touted as the closest thing to magic for reversing damage like breakage and dryness.

Once only available as add-on treatments at salons, there are now a slew of at-home products to choose from, each one with a dedicated, loyal fan base that will defend their favorite brand on TikTok and Instagram at all costs.

As someone who is guilty of coloring their hair every three months, blow-drying it a couple times a week, and using a flat iron almost every single day, I’m well versed in the world of bond repair products, and have strong opinions on which brand is best. However, Living Proof has (finally) entered the bond-building chat with its new Triple Bond Complex Hair Strengthener, and the impressive results are why it’s usurped my previous go-to treatment for reviving my dry, straggly ends.

Read on for my honest experience with Living Proof’s Triple Bond Complex treatment, which I had the opportunity to test ahead of its launch.

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What Are Bond Repair Products?

Bond repair products work to reinforce damaged hair cuticles that have been opened during chemical treatments or heat styling, leading to the break down of protein in the hair.

Each product is formulated with its own bond-building technology that works to reinforce and seal the hair cuticle to rebuild the damaged protein chains in the hair. Over time, dry, dull, brittle hair will get stronger, but hair will be shinier and softer after a single use.

All hair types and textures can

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