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Oklahoma City store ‘Library’ supplies sustainable fashion through clothing subscription service | Culture

Best friends Ãnna Frost and Jessi Chapman founded Library, a subscription based clothing business located in the heart of Oklahoma City.

Library is an environmentally sustainable clothing business that utilizes a subscription service. With a subscription, customers can rent any article of clothing inside the store and swap it for another piece whenever they desire.

Library has two subscription packages. “The Netflix” is $16 a month and allows you to rent one item at a time. “The Mini” is $54 a month and allows you to rent four items simultaneously. Both subscriptions come with unlimited swaps, no late fees, and free cleaning.

Frost and Chapman aim to be size-inclusive, with inventory ranging from extra small to 3X. Library caters to all ages, bringing members from middle schoolers to retirees.

“The idea of Library is to give all women the option to participate in fashion in not only an environmentally sustainable way, but in a financially sustainable way as well,” Frost said.

Most clothing inside the store is colorful and unique. However, many pieces are neutral. Library wants to make sure they can accommodate everyone.

Frost and Chapman’s fashion taste is full of many colors and textures, but Chapman said their business welcomes every taste. 

“You don’t have to dress like us to want a Library subscription,” Chapman said.

Frost and Chapman met over Instagram, the platform where both women had started personal online secondhand clothing businesses. The two were not best friends before they became business partners. Their friendship flourished alongside the creation of Library.

“We were kind of friends, but we honestly had only hung out a few times before Jessi asked me to be her business partner,” Frost said. “We became friends because of Library.”

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Ãnna Frost and Jessi Chapman in front of Library.

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