Amidst of conflicting reports, Katie Price displays her ring

Katie Carl

In the midst of conflicting reports, Katie Price displays her engagement ring

  • With split rumours circulating about her and Carl Woods, Katie Price’s engagement ring has once again caught the attention of online users.

The mother of six is alleged to have made the announcement during a drunken night out, but Carl has suggested otherwise by posting a video of the model still sporting her engagement ring.

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This week, the 44-year-old ex-model first gave rise to divorce rumours when she was seen in a family photo without her engagement ring. Carl was not present.

Three weeks after disappearing from social media for “personal reasons,” the troubled star could be seen in her stepfather Paul’s Instagram photo.

Recently, it has been asserted that she has been claiming to be happily single.

It has also been reported that she went on a solo night out and chatted with onlookers about her romantic life.

Katie was letting her hair down and telling people that her engagement to Carl was over, a source told The Sun.

She claimed that the couple had been fighting constantly while on vacation and that she had decided to end the relationship when they got back home.

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Those who are close to Katie hope that their rocky romance is finally over because it has affected her.

Despite Katie’s alleged comments, Carl seemed to imply that they were still engaged on Thursday when he shared a brief Instagram video of Katie proudly displaying her stunning

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