Heartbreak Island Australia match Alexandra and Max off to terrible start: ‘You’re a snake!’

Red-hot reality TV show Heartbreak Island got off to a controversial start on Thursday when matched-up couple Alexandra and Max failed to hit it off.

Well, that’s putting it politely.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Heartbreaker calls her match a ‘snake’

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Bar manager Alexandra, 21, from NSW, and professional footballer Max, 21, from the UK, weren’t exactly sharing heart-eyes across the room at each other.

When the eight guys and eight girls from the US, UK, New Zealand and Australia finally met face to face in Fiji, some were happy with their picks, and others not so much.

Max had a keen eye for WA social media manager Kasey, 23, who was paired up with Kiwi singer-songwriter Mez, 29.

“The first thing that went through my mind was disappointment, but she does look a lot better in person than her profile did,” Max said after he was matched with Alexandra.

“It’s still early days, so we’ll see how everything goes,” Alexandra added.

Max doesn’t look too interested. Credit: Seven

Okay, so far, not so terrible – looks like both are willing to try, right?

Fast forward to later that night and the mood was very different.

The group was relaxing over drinks and getting to know each other when the cat was set among the pigeons.

Bar manager Alexandra, 21, from NSW. Credit: Seven

It was suggested that the group play Truth or Dare, and Max was asked to kiss the girl he was most interested in.

Without hesitation, he walked across to Kasey and gave her a smooch.

In a separate to-camera interview, Max admitted there was “no chemistry, no banter” with Alexandra, who looked visibly peeved at the Kasey move.

Max walks over and kisses Kasey. Credit: Seven
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