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hot holding

Moldy fruit and unsafe food in another Miami supermarket chain store failing inspection

Mold on food and equipment are lowlights from the most recent failed inspection of a Price Choice Foodmarket in Miami Gardens.

A Florida Department of Agriculture inspector will be back at 18351 NW 27th Ave. by Monday for a re-inspection.

food. Dirty equipment. More Presidente stores in Miami and Broward fail inspection” class=”link “Old food. Dirty equipment. More Presidente stores in Miami and Broward fail inspection

Unlike restaurant inspections by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, a failed inspection doesn’t automatically shut down a grocery store, convenience store, food distributor, food processor or food storage facility. An inspector can, however, put Stop-Use Orders on areas of the business.

You can file a complaint with the Ag Department about an establishment online.

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Here’s some of what Inspector Simeon Carrero found on July 18 when he swung by Price Choice No. 2.

“Several tomatoes” in the produce area’s wooden display and cold holding unit had a “mold-like” growth.

In the produce area, the kitchen, meat and seafood areas, “soil on the walls, ceilings and floors throughout backroom areas.”

The ambient thermometers in the cold units of the meat, seafood, produce and deli areas were “in disrepair.” When food can’t be kept under 41 degrees or over 135 degrees in hot holding units, it becomes eligible to be tossed in the garbage as unfit to sell.

Falling into that category were the melons in the retail area’s cold holding unit that measured 56 to 57 degrees and fried plantains, beef empanadas and scrambled eggs in the deli hot holding area that measured 94 to 118 degrees.

Chicken was being thawed at room temperature inside the three-compartment

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