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Wardrobe Stylist QueenSylvia Prioritizes Culture, Season 2 ‘Bel-Air’

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Queensylvia Akuchie x Bel Air

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Bringing a show to life through wardrobe is no easy feat, but costume designer QueenSylvia Akuchie was up for the challenge. The talented visionary used her sharp eyes and love for distinct statement pieces while developing the wardrobe for each character in the Bel-Air reboot. Now in its second season, the show takes style and individuality to the next level with its attention to detail for each character. 

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was a monumental show that left a significant imprint on Black culture. The ’90s flare and the relative storylines made the series one of the most talked about sitcoms of our time. Along with the show’s relatable content were the vibrant style trends. Will’s character had a love affair with sneakers and jerseys, while Carlton was known for his polished look, which often included printed sweaters and cardigans. Hilary donned a classic style that often featured matching sets, fun headbands and an array of expensive accessories.

When the reboot of the cult-classic TV show was announced, people had a question: would the show be able to align with the hype of the original series? Now, one year after the reboot debut, the show has exceeded expectations, and Bel-Air is back for a second stylish, drama-filled season.

We sat down with QueenSylvia to discuss all things Bel-Air. From her inspiration behind this season’s looks to the style motifs throughout the series. She gives us the lowdown on what we can expect from our favorites this season.

HB: What was your direction, your inspiration for this season?

QueenSylvia: It was culture. I wanted to showcase everyone’s personality and every character through different facets. This is an influential Black family. Everyone has their own look, their own style and their

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