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Best Engagement Rings 2023 – Forbes Vetted

Every couple has their own unique style. The best engagement rings capture your personality in bold or subtle ways, depending on what look you go for: The first step is figuring out the cut of stone you’d like—round, cushion, emerald—from the many options out there. The cut, or shape, brings out features of the diamond itself, including its clarity, brilliance or craftsmanship, and it’s what sets each ring apart.

If you’re not a gemologist, it’s easy to get lost in all the facets of diamond research. With that in mind, we had an independent diamond expert explain what makes each cut special and then found stunning engagement rings that highlight the shape beautifully so you can find a look that matches your style and has sentimental value. From classic cushions to unique emeralds to timeless princess cuts, here are the best engagement rings. (And for more inspiration, we also rounded up the best place to shop for diamonds and the best lab-grown diamonds from top jewelers).

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Round cut diamonds are one of the most popular because it has the most facets, and is therefore, “the most sparkly,” says gemologist and jewelry designer Ashley Fox of Ashley Fox Collection. “It’s the only cut that gets a cut grade, which indicates superior sparkle and craftsmanship of a diamond. This is typically the most expensive cut because you lose the most rough when cutting it.” This particular setting from Blue Nile is both timeless and simple, letting the stone itself take center

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