engaged coworker
engaged coworker

Worker’s ‘Unpleasant’ Reaction to Colleague’s Engagement Ring Applauded

A woman was backed online for refusing to celebrate her colleague’s engagement, after revealing she was told off by other team members for not showing any enthusiasm when the news was announced.

In a post shared on Mumsnet earlier in March, under the username Thelaughingtonepoliceman, she explained that the reason she wasn’t sufficiently excited when her colleague broke her engagement news and started “waving [her] medium-sized rock around the office,” was that she didn’t think the woman was truly happy.

According to the poster, the woman who just got engaged had been in a relationship with her now-fiance for over seven years. During their relationship, on two occasions she had been in tears at work parties because of his behavior, including once when he accused her of going out just to try to sleep with other men.

engagement-sparks-debate.png?w=790&f=a1c24ee3de8420a9d38da5853a4ef71b 1x”woman's reaction to coworker's engagement sparks debate
Stock images of a workplace argument and, inset, a woman flaunting an engagement ring. A woman’s reaction to her coworker’s engagement news has sparked debate online.
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A recent survey by YouGov found that 63 percent of Americans who have been in a monogamous relationship say they have never cheated on their partner, while 33 percent say they have cheated somehow, either physically, emotionally, or both. And 54 percent of those who have been in a monogamous relationship say they have been cheated on.

The poster continued by saying that everyone at the office was giving the newly engaged woman attention while she just gave her a “peremptory” nod, said “congratulations, very exciting” and wandered off, while the rest of them talked about the ring for a further 20 minutes.

She wrote: “Full disclosure I find the whole business of engagement and engagement rings pointless and utterly embarrassing at the best of times. If you want to get married,

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