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Inexplicably, Men’s Overalls Are Back in Fashion, and You Can Thank Carhartt

Ah, the best men’s overalls. The trend that paved its way amongst men working tough, labor-centric jobs such as construction, welding and, of course, plumbing. It’s funny how much the trend has gone from something that helped men in their day-to-day jobs has changed so much. What was once considered workwear is now worn by hipsters in beanies with face tattoos and a pack of Marlboro Reds in their back pockets as they bum around Echo Park.

Don’t get us wrong, our younger staff members are low-key obsessed with overalls for men right now, but this fashion statement has a long, strange history. Overalls have traditionally been worn as workwear, but they had a brief and regrettable popularity in the ’90s, and they’re one of many ’90s-inspired fashion trends making a comeback among Gen Z.

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Before we review the best men’s overalls to rock in 2022, here’s a little backstory.


The History of Overalls for Men

When Levi’s changed the apparel world forever with the introduction of jeans, the garment they created weren’t called jeans — they were marketed as waist overalls. Unsurprisingly, they eventually came to be known by a shorter, punchier name. Lee, another legendary denim brand, was the first company to hold a patent for overalls as we know them today. Bib overalls are what you imagine when you picture overalls: long pants with a chest portion held by suspender-like shoulder straps. While jeans were more quickly established as casualwear, overalls for men took a little longer to become a trend, and they still retain a strong association with workwear.

A garment that’s a close cousin of the overall is the coverall. Coveralls, as the name suggests, cover everything. Where bib overalls leave the chest and arms free, coveralls zip or button

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