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diamonds poa

The best modern engagement rings

Ideally you’ll have just one shot at this — either picking out an engagement ring for your beloved or, best-case scenario, having the lovely task of choosing one for yourself. But you don’t have to go for a single brilliant-cut solitaire diamond in a traditional claw setting. The four Cs — cut, carat, colour and clarity — are important, but so is choosing something that fits with your personal aesthetic. And the exciting news is that there is a cohort of young designers (as well as some more familiar brands) creating rings that are original, colourful, design-led and different.

PS, no emeralds, you will notice. I don’t care if you never lift a finger in your daily life, they’re much too fragile to be worn every day. And anyway, a pair of emerald earrings are a good wish-list inclusion for when you hit a significant anniversary.

Diamond capsule ring in yellow and white gold and diamonds, POA,

Hexagonal ring in yellow gold with blue sapphire and yellow diamonds, £29,500,

Antique art deco diamond plaque ring in platinum with rubies, £25,850, diamond-plaque-ring_0258076-p” class=”link__RespLink-sc-1ocvixa-0 csWvlP”

Curved ring in gold, sapphire and diamonds, £31,000,

Diamond bombe ring in yellow gold and diamonds, POA,

Entwined rainbow ring in yellow gold, diamonds, sapphires, rubies and tsavorites, £17,595,

Aegis ring in yellow gold and diamond, £9,895, ring-with-kite-shaped-diamond” class=”link__RespLink-sc-1ocvixa-0 csWvlP”

Sari Lucknow pavé ring set in yellow gold, lacquer enamel, old mine diamond and white and cognac diamonds, £16,500,

The Euphoria (square) gold in yellow gold and diamond, £21,600,

Bee My Love ring in white gold and diamonds, POA,

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