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designer collaboration

H&M Announces Designer Collaboration With Fashion-Insider Favourite Mugler

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H&M Announces Designer Collaboration With MuglerPeter White – Getty Images

Fashion lovers rejoice, H&M has announced their 2023 designer collaboration and boy, is it good.

This year the Swedish clothing brand is working with the iconic and daring French fashion house Mugler.

‘H&M’s history of designer collaborations is legendary and pioneering. For nearly two decades, H&M has been democratising high fashion by offering global audiences the change to own special pieces of high-end designer jewellery,’ H&M revealed in a short and mysterious press release.

The brand’s annual collaborations have become something of a major fashion event in recent years, so to help you prepare for your shot at buying a slice of high fashion history at a fraction of the price, here’s everything you need to know about the H&M X Mugler collaboration…

When will the H&M X Mugler collection drop?

According to H&M, the collection will drop in spring 2023.

A swift Google search tells us that the beginning of spring is March 20, so let’s say, we have about a month until it’s go time.

How do I shop the H&M X Mugler collection?

The collection will be available online at and in selected stores.


From past collaborations we know huge queues can form outside the physical stores on the day collections ‘drop’, so we like to peruse them from the comfort of our own laptop or phone.

H&M typically also releases a first glimpse of its designer collaborations ahead of schedule, so you can prep exactly what you want to shop, instead of panic buying everything in sight.

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What will the H&M X Mugler collection be like?

‘The Mugler H&M collection, crafted under the direction of Mugler’s Creative Director Casey Cadwallader, will encapsulate the unique and vibrant spirit of

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