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Karam MD Skincare Review

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I’m becoming a curmudgeon of skincare; it’s difficult to sell me on new stuff–I’ve seen it all, kid. Naturally, I’m usually pretty hesitant about trying new skincare products, so when I discovered a plastic-surgeon-owned brand, KaramMD, I was skeptical. Sure, Dr. Amir Karam is a world-famous plastic surgeon with an undeniably stunning portfolio—but a plastic surgeon making skincare seemed like an astronomer doing astrology–very qualified in an adjacent field–but does it translate?

Regardless of my initial doubt, I acquiesced to my curiosity, especially because KaramMD promised to simplify my skincare routine, is suitable for sensitive skin, and is fairly affordable. The brand claims to gently target all signs of aging, including texture, fine lines, and firmness, with a cocktail of retinol, vitamin C, and other powerhouse ingredients. When I first received the KaramMD Trifecta (the brand’s three core products), I pessimistically looked for the worst: irritants and ingredients that did not warrant the price tag. Instead, I found my favorite label, “vegan,” and I was instantly even more intrigued.

I wouldn’t be writing this had I not woken up to impressive results (vegan or not): smoother, hydrated, vibrant skin, that keeps improving the longer I use the trio. I even had a scratch on my face that seemed to heal quicker once I started using the KaramMD products. Dr. Karam created the line to be effective yet gentle enough to use even after a procedure, whether it be injectables or going under the knife. The products can be used on the face, eyes, and neck, eliminating the need for half a dozen other creams and serums I currently use. Frankly, I did not anticipate how convenient that would be.

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