circular fashion
circular fashion

Depop Announces Depop Collaborators Project, Uniting Creatives Upon Circular Fashion

Since Depop’s inception, the accessible resale platform has set out to create a welcoming community for creators and entrepreneurs of all kinds, placing a spotlight on independent brands and artists. With the launch of its latest initiative, Depop Collaborators, the marketplace, home to 26M registered users worldwide, has set out to bring this community from the digital fashion universe to Los Angeles, New York, and London.

The project will unite five creatives and collectives within the worlds of fashion, music, and art to spark important conversations around circular fashion. In addition to selling exclusive items within each of their Depop shops, each collaborator’s distinctively unique and inspiring message will be echoed by collaborative workshops, detailed installations, and interactive pop-ups. Much like the platform itself, Depop Collaborators is driven by social interaction and discovery through highlighting how to learn from our peers and individual communities about how to better the future of fashion.

Bringing the discussion to cities far and wide, to launch the Collaborator Network Depop has joined forces with platform users and fashion designers Makayla, Paris, Ed & Benny, Stitch and underground music collective Keep Hush. These multifaceted artists will bring their own individual, unique activations to life, funded by Depop. Each has been able to connect with others through their love for fashion, music, and the arts and with this activation, they are now able to share their passions with wider audiences.

Open to the public, the engaging pop-ups, immersive workshops, and more will launch in mid-August in Los Angeles and will close out in early November in London. “At Depop, we are building the world’s most diverse, progressive home of fashion,” says Depop’s Global Brand Marketing Lead, Jumoke Adekunle. “We are a place where people come to get inspired,

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