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Skincare for mature skin: What an expert suggests.

What skincare should you be using in your 40s, 50s and 60s? And is there anything you should avoid? 

Holly Wainwright wants answers.

In Mamamia‘s new video series, the podcast host and author sits down with beauty and skincare experts to learn the basics for mature skin.

In this session, she speaks to Dr Leona Yip, dermatologist and director of Skin Partners, to talk all things skincare. Here are the 6 biggest takeaways.

1. The number one thing to know as your skin ages.

Before we get into what you should put on your face, there are a few things you should know first.

As we get older, our skin changes, and our collagen starts to deplete pretty rapidly.

“By the time were in our mid-40s, we lose approximately 25 per cent [of our collagen],” Dr Yip told Holly. 

“And when you’re in your mid-50s, you lose about 35 per cent.”

You lose more and more as you age, and things like excessive sun exposure, cigarette smoking and pollution only accelerate this.

That’s why your skincare routine in your 40s and 50s should focus on repair and regeneration. 

“You want to build and replace collagen [and also protect the skin],” she said.

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2. Is there a point where it’s too late to start taking care of your skin?

That’s a hard no, folks.

Speaking to Dr Yip, Holly shared how she only really discovered skincare in her late-40s. Worried that might be an issue, she asked whether it’s ever too late to start.

“Definitely not,” Dr Yip told her.

“These days people live longer and longer, so [in your] 40s and 50s, you’re still a baby. It’s never too late.

Yep, being “too old”

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