bezel settings
bezel settings

The Ultimate Guide to Engagement Ring Settings

The history of the engagement ring is long and storied, with mythology crediting both the Egyptians and the Greeks, and reaching as far back as ancient Rome. Whether you fancy a single solitaire prong setting, popularized by Tiffany’s in the late 1800s, or a chunky gold band embellished with jewels, the engagement ring setting says just as much about a couple’s personal style as does the stone shapes themselves.

We sat down with some of the most interesting jewelers in the business to chat about what’s buzzy, what’s lasting, and what their personal favorites are. Below, Vogue’s ultimate guide to engagement ring settings.

Bezel Setting

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“Bezel settings and half bezel settings are definitely the new solitaire,” declares Olivia Landau, fourth-generation jeweler and co-founder of the buzzy diamond engagement ring startup The Clear Cut. “Bezel settings offer a modern twist to a classic solitaire, and chunky gold settings are becoming very popular. People are looking to create unique engagement rings that highlight their personal style.”

No one knows this better than Brent Neale, founder of the eponymous jewelry company that offers both ready-made and made-to-order options for the cool-girl and fashion set. Beloved for her unique takes on setting interesting stones, Neale recently reset tastemaker Julia Berolzheimer’s engagement ring, which was widely shared on social media.

“Julia was a delight to work for, and she’s the perfect example of what people often seek us out for,” says Neale. “Resetting because perhaps the original setting just isn’t you anymore. The smoothness of the gold and the low set style of setting the stones [in Julia’s bezel-set ring] make them extremely comfortable. There is an easiness about them—which is how clients often describe [our pieces.]”

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