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Burt’s Bees Skincare Works Harder, Not Harsher

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Good skincare should be easy to maintain year-round. Does your skincare routine hold up amid busy schedules and changing seasons? Cold winters can be harsh on skin. It can be a challenge to find skincare products that are gentle enough to keep your skin balanced as the temperature drops. Burt’s Bees’ new skincare duo—the Breakout Defense Foaming Wash and Even Tone Liquid Exfoliant from the Clear and Balanced Collection—is simple and effective enough to withstand the busiest of routines and harshest of weather climates. Developed by Burt’s Bees product designer and chemist, Abena Antwi, these products were designed with all skin tones in mind to help balance breakout-prone skin and provide daily defense against key breakout triggers. Host Scottie Beam sits down with Antwi and makeup artist Keanda Snagg to share how their skin changes with the seasons, and discuss how they fit skincare in their daily routines.

Seasonal Skin

Beam opens the conversation by describing how environmental factors can affect her skin as the seasons change. “You know the seasons change—everything’s gotta change. The nail color has to change, the outfits have to change, the hair color changes, okay? But what also changes is my skin, especially during the wintertime… My skin gets really, really dry.”

Beam asks Abena Antwi, a Burt’s Bees product designer and chemist, why it’s important to change up our skincare routine as it gets colder.

“I get very dry during the wintertime, because we have the heat on in the house, it’s cold outside,” Antwi says. “So extra moisturization is the key for my skincare.”

Snagg, a makeup artist, shares a similar experience. “I mean for me, same, my skin gets really dry in the winter… I get really dry around the mouth, in the cheek area.”

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