18k yellow
18k yellow

Spring/Summer 2023 Engagement Ring Trends

It’s wedding season, and while you are attending bridal showers, ceremonies and celebrations of the big day of your friends and relatives, you might look down at their engagement rings and think about the style and cut of ring you would want to wear if a proposal is in the air for you or if you are just thinking about your dream ring. This is a time for wedding jewelry in which anything goes; there are no rules—it’s all about what will put a smile on your face every day when you look down at your hand and into the eyes of your loved one. But there are certain trends floating around–none are conventional—they range from bold and chunky to antique inspire to some of the most beautiful colored stones that you might not expect to fall head over heels but you do!

Here are some trends and rings that will capture your heart and make you swoon. You might even want to pop the question yourself after seeing them.

Oval cuts offer a larger look than rounds, look good in various settings, and elongate the finger when set vertically.

Tacori 18K gold oval solitaire engagement ring.

Single Stone 1.39-carat moval cut diamond with old European cut accent diamonds prong set in a handcrafted 18K yellow gold mounting.

Natasha Schweitzer 18K yellow gold Oval Diamond Wrap Ring .

Bezel set rings offer an ultra-modern vibe but are lasting as they are the type of rings that protect your stone and create a clean-streamlined elegance.

Jemma Wynne 18K yellow gold and pear-cut diamond bespoke Yasmin ring.

Single Stone Aria ring featuring a 1.74 certified antique cushion cut diamond bezel set in a handcrafted 18K yellow gold mounting.

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The 13 Best Engagement Rings Are Sure to Elicit a “Yes”

the 12 best engagement rings for couples in 2023

13 Best Engagement Rings Sure to Elicit a “Yes”Hearst Owned

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One of the most important things you’ll ever buy is an engagement ring. It’s a piece of jewelry that’ll change the trajectory of your life, welcome in a new chapter, and symbolize the start of forever. So obviously, you should choose your engagement ring wisely.

Here’s the thing about engagement rings—they’re far more crucial than wedding rings. Wedding rings can be swapped for newer or different styles in 10, 20, 50 years; you’ll still be married! But you won’t still be engaged (I hope). This is a one and done ring—no do-overs for the piece of jewelry on your partner’s finger that’ll prompt countless “So how did you pop the question?” prompts. The engagement ring you wear and the engagement ring your partner wears should be perfect—each to your own style, a story of your unique love, a memory you’ll always cherish.

That being said, the world of engagement rings is a scary place. There are a lot of options to consider—what metal do you want for the band? And how thick should it be? Do you want diamonds or gemstones? Does your partner? How many carats? What shape? Should it be a halo ring, or a cathedral one? Ugh. Eternal love is beautiful, but to get to eternity, you have to answer a lot of these questions. It’ll all work out in the end, though—you, your partner, the perfect rings for you both. To get you started, there’s an assortment of the best engagement rings on the market—of all shapes, sizes, and styles—below. Peruse for inspo, or pull the trigger before you pop the question.

Stack Ring in 18K Yellow Gold

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