Inexplicably, Men’s Overalls Are Back in Fashion, and You Can Thank Carhartt
Inexplicably, Men’s Overalls Are Back in Fashion, and You Can Thank Carhartt

Inexplicably, Men’s Overalls Are Back in Fashion, and You Can Thank Carhartt

Ah, the best men’s overalls. The trend that paved its way amongst men working tough, labor-centric jobs such as construction, welding and, of course, plumbing. It’s funny how much the trend has gone from something that helped men in their day-to-day jobs has changed so much. What was once considered workwear is now worn by hipsters in beanies with face tattoos and a pack of Marlboro Reds in their back pockets as they bum around Echo Park.

Don’t get us wrong, our younger staff members are low-key obsessed with overalls for men right now, but this fashion statement has a long, strange history. Overalls have traditionally been worn as workwear, but they had a brief and regrettable popularity in the ’90s, and they’re one of many ’90s-inspired fashion trends making a comeback among Gen Z.

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Before we review the best men’s overalls to rock in 2022, here’s a little backstory.


The History of Overalls for Men

When Levi’s changed the apparel world forever with the introduction of jeans, the garment they created weren’t called jeans — they were marketed as waist overalls. Unsurprisingly, they eventually came to be known by a shorter, punchier name. Lee, another legendary denim brand, was the first company to hold a patent for overalls as we know them today. Bib overalls are what you imagine when you picture overalls: long pants with a chest portion held by suspender-like shoulder straps. While jeans were more quickly established as casualwear, overalls for men took a little longer to become a trend, and they still retain a strong association with workwear.

A garment that’s a close cousin of the overall is the coverall. Coveralls, as the name suggests, cover everything. Where bib overalls leave the chest and arms free, coveralls zip or button to the collar and include full-length sleeves. Jumpsuits, which take their inspiration from military uniforms (so named because they were used for jumping out of planes), can be considered a sub-category of coveralls. These days, jumpsuits for women have evolved so far beyond their military origins that you can find options that more closely resemble eveningwear.


Overalls for Men in Modern Times

While jumpsuits and overalls as casualwear have practically become closet staples for women, men are less likely to adopt the style casually. But if you’re a guy looking to try out this storied style, there are plenty of overalls for men you can choose from. These range from brands focusing on workwear, like Dickies and Carharrt, to more fashion-focused labels such as Beams Plus and COS.

While workwear overalls have become style items, they’re still great options if you wear them to do actual work. They’re durable, keep your clothes clean, and eliminate the need to constantly pull up sagging pants. The chest pockets help you keep your most tools within reach, too.

From a fashion standpoint, coveralls and overalls are great for making a style statement and make getting dressed easier — just add your best sneakers. These are the best overalls and coveralls to buy right now.

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1. Dickies Bib Overall


If you’re looking for the most classic, traditional bib overall, this option from Dickies is the place to start. It’s made from sturdy, 100% cotton denim and has a relaxed fit with a straight leg that’s great for working in. Sectioned pockets at the chest make it easy to organize your tools, and the hammer loops and waist pockets give you even more storage.

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best men's overalls, Dickies Bib Overall

best men’s overalls, Dickies Bib Overall

Buy: Dickies Bib Overall $44.99

Buy: Dickies Bib Overall $49.99


2. Carhartt Relaxed Fit Duck Bib Overall


While it’s the traditional choice, denim is far from the only option for overalls. This option from Carharrt is made from the brand’s iconic duck canvas, giving it a more construction site-ready look than the farmer look that denim overalls can convey. The pants have reinforced knees, and the chest has a zip pocket and three open tool pockets. The adjustable elastic suspenders make it easier to find the right fit.

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best men's overalls, Carhartt Relaxed Fit Duck Bib Overall

best men’s overalls, Carhartt Relaxed Fit Duck Bib Overall

Buy: Carhartt Relaxed Fit Duck Bib Overall $89.99

Buy: Carhartt Relaxed Fit Duck Bib Overall $89.99


3. Dickies Long Sleeve Coverall


If you prefer more coverage or like the boiler suits and jumpsuit style, this coverall from Dickies has a snap-button front placket that reaches the collar and long sleeves, providing total coverage for everything but your shoes. The chest has two diagonal zip pockets and two side pockets at the waist. The coverall is made from a poly/cotton blend.

best men's overalls, Dickies Long Sleeve Coverall

best men’s overalls, Dickies Long Sleeve Coverall

Buy: Dickies Long Sleeve Coverall $47.99 (orig. $54.99) 13% OFF

Buy: Dickies Long Sleeve Coverall $54.99


4. Levi’s Anson Overalls


The brand that invented the blue jean is still a great place to look for denim goods, and this pair of overalls have a straight fit like your favorite 501s, with the bonus of a bib with pockets. The traditional dark blue wash will fade nicely as you wear it, while the cotton/elastane blend helps keep you comfortable.

best overalls for men, Levi's Men's Anson Overalls

best overalls for men, Levi’s Men’s Anson Overalls

Buy: Levi’s Anson Overalls $48.65 (orig. $79.50) 39% OFF

Buy: Levi’s Anson Overalls $79.50


5. ASOS DESIGN Short Denim Overalls


Because fashion is everchanging, short overalls were simply on their way, whether we wanted them to be or not. Thankfully, we’re not mad about it. ASOS offers many affordable, fast fashion-type overalls, coveralls and short overalls, but these short overalls below have to be our favorite. They’ve got a classic jean look with stripe patchwork on the chest and one of the legs to add a little flavor to your everyday look. Plus, ASOS just added extended sizing from 2XS to 4XL.

best men's overalls, ASOS DESIGN Short Denim Overalls

best men’s overalls, ASOS DESIGN Short Denim Overalls

Buy: ASOS DESIGN Short Denim Overalls $67.00


6. H&M Denim Overalls


While we’re chatting about fast fashion, we had to bring up H&M’s Denim Overalls. Sure, H&M might not have the best rap regarding quality, but we can’t get over that discounted price. Each pair is made with thick cotton denim with adjustable suspenders to help you properly fit. Complete with pockets on your side, butt and legs, you can easily hold all your EDC accessories.

best men's overalls, H&M Denim Overalls

best men’s overalls, H&M Denim Overalls

Buy: H&M Denim Overalls $42.49 (orig. $49.99) 15% OFF


7. Berne Deluxe Insulated Coverall


This insulated option from Berne is an excellent option for cold weather. While not as well known as Carharrt or Dickies, Berne has a legacy in workwear that extends over 100 years. It’s a hardwearing option with reinforced knees, zippered chest pockets and a padded interior. It’s available in either brown or black.

best men's overalls, Berne Deluxe Insulated Coverall

best men’s overalls, Berne Deluxe Insulated Coverall

Buy: Berne Deluxe Insulated Coverall $124.99

Buy: Berne Deluxe Insulated Coverall $124.99


8. Carhartt Waterproof Bib Overalls


If the kind of work you’re doing involves unpleasant weather, then this option from Carharrt is the one to get. Its polyethylene and vinyl Acetate outer helps keep you dry, while the bib overall style allows you to layer a jacket on top. The buckle clips on the suspenders make it easy to take the overalls off.

best men's overalls, Carhartt Waterproof Bib Overalls

best men’s overalls, Carhartt Waterproof Bib Overalls

Buy: Carharrt Waterproof Bib Overalls $88.66


9. Swoveralls


Because we’re living in modern times, otherwise known as the year 2022, don’t be so shocked that we’re seeing modernized overalls for men on shelves these days. To maximize comfort, the brand Swoveralls created, well, Swoveralls — a pair of overalls that combines your classic sweatpants with the overalls aesthetic. We’ve tested this product for ourselves, and we’re pleasantly surprised with how fun and cozy they were, so definitely try them out if you’re willing to pull a more exciting look.

best men's overalls, Swoveralls

best men’s overalls, Swoveralls

Buy: Swoveralls $125.00


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